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By: Bomem  09-12-2011

Liquid Aluminum Quality Measurement

For more than two decades ABB has established itself as a worldwide leader in inclusion and hydrogen measurements in liquid aluminum. ABB offers a complete range of analytical solutions to the aluminum industry: AlSCAN™ hydrogen analyzer, LiMCA inclusion analyzer, Prefil®-Footprinter melt cleanliness analyzer, PoDFA inclusion identification and quantification analysis. ABB also offers metallographic analysis service for its customers.

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ABB Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM

ABB has driven interferometer technology and applications with interferometer designs such as the wishbone and the double pivot interferometers applied to space, industrial, air quality, research and many more measurements. The technology behind ABB FT-IR analyzers is available to partners who need a robust interferometer that carries a lifetime warrantee on the interferometer module and alignment.


ABB Remote Sensing Measurement Products

ABB also develops solutions with reliable airborne and spaceborne optical instruments, infrared calibration systems, hyperspectral imagers, and software for ground segments and simulation. ABB Analytical Measurement continues to set the standards for FT-IR Spectroradiometry used in atmospheric sounding, military targets IR signature characterization and gas detection.


ABB Gas Chromatograph Products - Process Analytics (Measurement Products USA

Our capability embraces one of the largest process gas chromatograph portfolios in the world, performing real-time analysis of the chemical composition of a process sample or stream. For over half a century, ABB has developed, manufactured, and installed gas chromatographs for the process industries. Liquid sample injection valves and continuous performance sliding plate valves.


ABB Multiwave Photometer Products - Process Analytics (Measurement Products USA

The ABB process Multiwave photometers - PIR3502, PFO3372, and PIR3502 provide continuous on-line measurement of gas or liquid components, in simple or complex press streams, for process control, product quality assurance, safety, catalyst protecton and area monitoring. PIR3502 - process infrared photometer, PUV3402 process ultraviolet photometer and PFO3372 process fiber optic photometer.