By: 20k  09-12-2011
Keywords: calibration, sound system

In view of the increasing complexity and precision of the new generation of sound systems, calibration plays a major role: all systems, even top quality ones, are made up of a large number of components, which are apt to lead to problems that would be impossible to resolve without the use of computer-assisted calibration. This final detail ensures the system’s maximal performance and allows any flaws to be corrected.

An increasing number of clients attach importance to calibration performed using the SIM system, a high-precision acoustic analysis tool developed by Meyer Sound Laboratories. 20k owns a complete SIM3 system and has become a leading expert in its operation. The system allows the 20k team to take different real-time measurements at various places simultaneously not only at the event venue, but also on the sound system’s electronic components themselves. The SIM system can continuously monitor sound levels as well as the sound system’s performance when in operation, enabling 20k to make adjustments in real time according to the parameters registered, such as climate changes that could affect how the sound system responds.

At a time when audio systems designed for permanent installations and one-time events are becoming increasingly complex, the type of audio calibration offered at 20k has become an essential stage in sound optimization.

Keywords: calibration, sound system

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Le système SIM peut prendre deslectures constantes des niveaux sonores ainsi que de la performance du système de sonorisation pendant son opération, ce qui permet à 20k de faire des ajustements en temps réel en fonction des paramètres observés, tels que les changements climatiques affectant la réponse du système audio.



L’équipe de 20k prend en charge les communications avec les fournisseurs, réalise les dessins d’atelier puis supervise le respect du budget, de l’échéancier, des garanties et de tous les détails relevant des aspects légaux tels que les normes et les codes à appliquer.