Highest 3rd party ink for HP printers

By: Hefger Media  22-11-2010
Keywords: HP 38 cartridges

Hefger Media ink IS NOT a clone of HP's ink and should not be considered as such. We only pretend that our ink is the best alternative for someone who insist on high quality. It fulfills all the criterias of a professionnal, for giclee or photography. Our ink is not sold by anybody else than Hefger Media.

No, we can't afford these kind of tests (over $150,000). However we have conducted our own : we have printed many colour samples, with both our ink and HP’s, along with some other popular inks available on the market (total of 8 different inks).

The samples were placed outside, under direct sun (even under a few heavy showers), until we could notice some evidence of fading on the samples printed with HP inks. The fading on HP samples was 17%, and with our ink the fading was just a few tenths above.

200 years fading resistance ? Well, let's keep both feet on the ground. Fading resistance rating is relative. HP claims 200 years but this rating assume that the picture will be inside a photo album, between acid free layers, and almost never exposed to light (not taking into account the aging resistance of the paper itself). These are "archival" conditions. If it is hanged on a wall, under a glass and never under direct daylight, it will probably last for near 100 years, and closer to 60 without glass. Add some daylight or sunlight and fading resistance is going down fast.

Keywords: HP 38 cartridges