Internet direct payment - DIAGRAM OF A TRANSACTION

By: Othentik  09-12-2011
Keywords: credit card, Banking Services, Internet

The system's key advantage is that no third party (not even HyperPayment!) comes between the consumer and the financial institution.

There's no software to install, and no money tied up in a virtual account.

The only requirement for payers
is that they have access to their financial institution's online banking service.

Clear Advantages /a>

From now on, you can access your bank account through your financial institution's online banking service and, in conjunction with HyperPayment, settle all your purchases and transactions via Internet.

Debit :

With its new method of Internet direct payment, HyperPayment is a pioneer in the field of online transaction settlement. Just like any purchase made with a debit card, you can now pay for your online purchases directly through your own financial institution. In other words, you no longer need a credit card to make purchases online.

Credit :

HyperPayment is an innovative payment method that lets consumers pay for credit card purchases made on the Internet by means of the online banking services provided by their financial institution. That means you can settle your purchases directly on your financial institution's website using your credit card account. In other words, you no longer need to worry about giving your credit card number to merchants.

Unlike other online payment solutions, the HyperPayment electronic payment portal allows you to:

  • settle a transaction directly and exclusively through your financial institution, with all the security measures your institution guarantees;

  • guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the transaction by eliminating the need for a third party between payer and financial institution;

  • exclude the merchant from the settlement of the transaction; the latter is informed only after the transaction is accepted by your financial institution.

Keywords: Banking Services, credit card, Internet

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Schéma d'une transaction de Paiement direct par Internet - carte de débit sur Internet

Ainsi, le consommateur effectue le règlement de la transaction directement avec son institution financière sans jamais avoir à divulguer ses informations bancaires au marchand avec lequel il effectue une transaction. Au moment de payer, plutôt que de transmettre votre numéro de carte de crédit sur le réseau, vous êtes redirigé sur le site Internet de votre banque pour autoriser la transaction (le paiement).