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By: Syntenic  09-12-2011

Application Acceleration

Syntenic’s Application Acceleration service significantly improves the overall performance and efficiency of your application. The service utilizes a variety of select end-to-end monitoring and optimization techniques including advanced ADC products, sophisticated acceleration and scalability technologies, and custom-tailored application and database design.

The Application Acceleration service allows customers to realize immediate and sustainable improvements in application response times. The additional gains in server resources and reductions in bandwidth consumption not only improve performance but increase scalability and measurably reduce operational costs.

The Syntenic team is at the forefront of application infrastructure technology as it continues to evolve. We maintain relationships with the top application networking vendors, testing and deploying the most advanced products in the market. Specialized optimization features include multi-site Load Balancing, TCP Offload, SSL Acceleration, Caching and Data Compression working together to provide significant enhancements to overall application performance. Layer 7 application firewalling enforces tight security controls while Content Distribution Networks and Cloud Computing provide scalability on demand: