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By: Studio Belcanto  09-12-2011

If you agree Import Cars Must Labeled Indonesian

If you agree Import Cars Must Labeled Indonesian Language; Starting July 2010, an imported car in full or completely built up (CBU) shall use the label in Indonesian language. This applies to manual as well as a description of the car body. The provision was contained in the Minister of Trade (Permandag) Number 62/M-DAG/PER/12/2009 concerning the inclusion of Label On Goods.

CBU cars is one of the automotive sector are obliged to wear labels in Bahasa Indonesian. In addition to automotive, beleid that regulates the labeling provisions of Indonesian for non-food products, namely electronics, components (spare parts), equipment and building materials, as well as a number of other products.

“In principle, if circulating in the domestic market, then it must provide information to consumers in Indonesian language,” said Subagyo, Director General of Domestic Trade Ministry of Commerce on Monday (19 / 4).

Night Radu Sembiring, Director of Consumer Services Ministry of Commerce, added, in a guide book, CBU cars imported must inform the detail product with the Indonesian language. For example, about the use of procedures, functions, importer name, and address of the importer. “Information standards such as the address of the importer to the consumer and how its use should be there,” he said.

Enabling this policy began July 1, 2010 for CBU cars that have not circulated in the market. However, for CBU cars that have been circulating, the rule applies from 2011.

This rule also applies to other product categories affected by this rule. “For those already in circulation, there is time to replace it two years commencing discharge Permendag 62/2009,” said Subagyo.

This means, the government again postpone the implementation schedule of Indonesian labeling for products that have been circulating in the market. The government previously stated, the application of Indonesian-language labels for products that have been circulating in the market accelerated to December 2010.

Importers objection

CBU luxury car importer objected to this rule. Irmawan Poedjoadi, President Director of PT Citra Lasting Automotive (CLO), Sole Agent Pemegeng Brand (ATPM) Ferrari, Ducati, and Masserati, in Indonesia, said, very difficult for car manufacturers to impose mandatory labeling Indonesian. “Principals in objection to imposing duty overseas label the Indonesian language,” said Irmawan.Sebab, its market in Indonesia is very limited.
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