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By: Studio Belcanto  09-12-2011

There are several reasons why risk management should be applied in Islamic banking, and why it is so important, if we thoroughly further especially with the implementation of Bassel Accord II, which is a refinement of the Bassel Accord I, is inseparable from the global risks that occur in theevent Enron which have occurred kecerobahan or manipulation of data, therefore it emerged two focal figure in the American parliament named Sarbone Oxley, so any financial laopran must cmply with SOX regulations or Sarbone Oxle. Inspired from it then the impact to the banking sector to implement risk management, coupled with the uncertain condition, causing the banks would not want to implement risk management

Reasons why risk management so important

The Bank is a service company whose income is obtained from interaction with customers so the risk is probably not there to know the risks then we can anticipate and take necessary actions in dealing with clients / issues to further develop understanding of embedded control, which is a very important function in the operational activities.

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In economic theory, big business would benefit with the economic management – the ability to spread the high cost of sophisticated administration, finance, and marketing activities through a large volume of business transactions. Some examples of these business networks are in Denmark, 11 apparel makers to form Christian Dior Line to explore their capabilities in meeting the equipment to produce coats, shirts, accessories and zipper.


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In principle, if circulating in the domestic market, then it must provide information to consumers in Indonesian language,” said Subagyo, Director General of Domestic Trade Ministry of Commerce on Monday. Night Radu Sembiring, Director of Consumer Services Ministry of Commerce, added, in a guide book, CBU cars imported must inform the detail product with the Indonesian language.


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That said, rates can vary depending on the price that they pay, as well as other factors that are used within the business. One energy provider could offer lower prices simply because they are able to run their business in a less expensive manner. It will be important to consider your energy provider options, as not all companies offer the same level of pricing.


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Local Policies Which Stimulate new firm creation and the Growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in regional Given contexts. What Can Be Learned from regions in Other countries.


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It is characterized by a short time, typically between one and five years, a borrowed capital is not very high, ranging from 3005.06 to 30050.60 euros and an interest rate (apart from the particular negotiating with the bank) rather tall, between 6 and 10% APR, so that the bank is profitable to lend out some money in the short term.