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By: Algosys  09-12-2011
Keywords: Inventory Management, Data Reconciliation

Algosys' primary focus is the provision of the world's leading solutions for data reconciliation, material balancing, metallurgical accounting and production accounting. Complemented with a full range of professional services, Algosys' Metallurgical Accountant™, Production Accountant™ and Bilmat Real-Time™ are delivered to customers around the world, providing them with a complete solution for metallurgical accounting, production accounting, inventory management and process monitoring.

Accurate, reliable and timely data is critical to effective management of today's mineral processing plants. Without confidence in data, it is impossible for plant managers and engineers to make the required production decisions without impacting production, reducing quality, or increasing operational and maintenance costs. The consequences of poor data can be enormous. Bilmat™ addresses these needs to reconcile and provide more consistent, more reliable and more accurate data.

Enhanced data quality and reporting then allows the plant managers and metallurgists to focus on evaluating operations and optimizing production - not on evaluating data! This results in cost savings and production benefits, providing a very quick return on investment, and ongoing improvements in plant production and in the accuracy of metallurgical accounting outputs.

Keywords: Data Reconciliation, Inventory Management,

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Líder reconocido por su carácter inovador en las empresas a nivel internacional, Algosys diseña y desarrolla programas de reconciliación de datos y de optimización de los reguladores automáticos en la industria de procesos. Por su alto nivel de experiencia y sus esfuerzos en la investigación y desarrollo, Algosys ofrece a sus clientes soluciones que contribuyen al incremento de su productividad y su capacidad competitiva.


Algosys - Solutions Technologies

Based on the Bilmat™ data reconciliation engine in operaton in more than 200 sites around the world, Algosys developed the Metallurgical Accountant™, Production Accountant™ and Bilmat Real-Time™ suites, which are complete solutions for metallurgical accounting and production accounting, inventory management and process monitoring.


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Algosys' Professional Services Team has developed these skills through many years of designing, delivering and supporting mass balancing and data reconciliation solutions for our customers around the world. Because its customers require solutions that work and not just technology, Algosys has built a team of dedicated professionals that provide a full life-cycle solution delivery capability. Control strategies and controller tuning.


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Les logiciels Axiomatic™ is a software suite gathering essential tools for process control and monitorig as well as for optimization of loop performances in the process industry. Tools rely on a solid expertise in the field and support a wide range of interventions required to meet the productivity objectives of any business. Since the process control field rapidly changes, Algosys.