solenoid diaphragm dosing pump

solenoid diaphragm dosing pump from SIKOPUMP-ca

By: SIKOPUMP-ca  29-12-2010
Keywords: Chemical Pumps, Dosing Pump, Diaphragm Metering Pump

MPE solenoid diaphragm dosing pumpMPE Solenoid Dosing Pump (Electromagnetic Meter pump) is controlled by the microprocessor, the stroke length and the working frequency can be changed directly, accordingly lead to control the flow rate, the metering pump can dose and transfer many kinds of liquid accurately.The PTFE diaphragm on the piston is activated by the electromagnet, the volume and the pressure between the diaphragm and the pump head will be changed periodic, the change of the pressure can turn on or turn off the suction and discharge valves, so the liquid can be dosed with the stable volume.Change the working frequency by the push button or the stroke length of the pump, the flow capacity can match to the requirement of the end-user. The working of the pump is indicated by the LED. go to our websites for more detailed information(search SIKO Pump by google)

Keywords: Chemical Pumps, Diaphragm Metering Pump, Dosing Pump, metering dosing pump,