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By: Redshift10  09-12-2011
Keywords: Information Services

Information Services include the entire suite of disciplines that solve business problems with technology solutions. We'll lead you through each phase of your project using the following methodology:

  • Identify the business problems that you need to solve.
  • Prioritize the problems and identify the relationships and dependencies between them.
  • Identify the personal approach you wish to take when solving each problem.
  • Identify barriers and predict challenges created by this approach.
  • Identify timelines, budget requirements, and other constraints.
  • Find a matching solution that takes all of this into account and that works.

Information Services Management

The business skills needed to identify and plan for your solutions

  • HVAC/Power/Cabling
  • Desktop/Laptop/Mobile devices
  • Server hardware
  • Device operating systems
  • Storage hardware
  • Network devices
  • Network protocols
  • Infrastructure services
  • Server applications
  • User applications
  • Databases
  • Application interfaces
  • Programming
  • Information Architecture
  • Information organization and access
  • Business Process Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise and web content management
  • Records and document management

Keywords: Information Services