MicroStrategy OLAP Services Overview

By: Microstrategy  09-12-2011
Keywords: data warehouse, Microstrategy Intelligence Server, Intelligence Server,

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Features At A Glance

  • High performance In-Memory BI: faster reporting means more reports and analysis for more people than ever before
  • Derived Elements: creating user-defined business (attribute) groups for comparison analysis for interface
    • Custom Attribute Calculations
    • Custom Attribute Filters
    • Custom Attribute Lists
    • Save and Share Derived Elements with other users
  • Dynamic Sourcing: an automatic check of each report request to access data from an Intelligent Cube wherever possible before issuing a query to a database
  • Intelligent Cube Sharing: all users can access the same Intelligent Cube data
  • Seamless Cube Navigation: Drill from cube to cube, with no hard coded links
  • Prompts and Security Integrated Automatically: Leverage the power of prompting and personalization automatically against Intelligent Cubes with no additional setup.
  • Cube Advisor: a new tool that recommends an optimal set of cubes to build to improve performance
  • Transparent Deployment: this MicroStrategy Intelligence Server plug-in is deployed without any service interruption to the end user on the Web or Windows®

Benefits At A Glance

  • Higher performance at any scale
  • Reduced workload on every part of the system:
    • Less database query time: more users share the same query results in an Intelligent Cube
    • Less MicroStrategy Intelligence Server query generation time: more users share the same query results in an Intelligent Cube
    • Developer Transparency: new reports hit the fast new Intelligent Cubes automatically, no special direction, no hard coded links
    • User Transparency: users investigate and analyze data faster since cube Intelligent Cubes are automatically sourced whenever possible
    • Familiar Cube Development Interface: as simple as making a report
    • Optimized Memory Use: a new Intelligent Cube Monitor and Cube Advisor provide insight into server resource utilization
  • Create, Save, Reuse, and Share Derived Elements over a zero-footprint Web interface

Why MicroStrategy OLAP Services?

  • Optimize investments in expensive resources such as data warehouse capacity
  • Minimal setup and maintenance in the BI system for administrators
  • Intelligent use of limited BI server resources
  • Superior performance even at the highest scale

Keywords: data warehouse, Intelligence Server, Microstrategy Intelligence Server,

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