MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Overview

By: Microstrategy  09-12-2011
Keywords: Corporate Governance, Operating Systems, Load Balancing

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server™

Most BI software specializes in one type of application (such as ad hoc analysis, reporting, or cube analysis), and as a result, many organizations own and maintain multiple BI architectures to support all the applications their users require. This fragmented model results in increased hardware, development, and support costs. Additionally, users are forced to deal with multiple interfaces and unlinked metadata repositories housing a wide variety of reports, analyses, and business definitions. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server has been architected from the ground up to solve precisely these real world problems. It is the first and only BI server to support the full range of BI applications – from workgroup and departmental, to enterprise-wide BI – through a unified metadata and a single integrated server running on Windows®, UNIX®, or Linux®.

Features At A Glance

  • Delivers all styles of BI to any BI application through a single, integrated platform
  • Ultra-high performance for 10s or 1,000,000s of users
  • Next-generation ROLAP engine provides fast, seamless reporting against petabytes of data, with optimizations for all leading database vendors
  • Complete internationalization support for BI applications
  • Pervasive security protects valuable data assets and offers maximum controls over user access and functionality
  • Change auditing and monitoring capabilities facilitate compliance and IT governance
  • Flexible administration models enable distributed administration and task delegation
  • Industrial-strength, 24 X 7 reliability with out-of-the-box failover support and load balancing
  • Compiled 64-bit architecture with common code base for multiple operating systems

Benefits At A Glance

  • Rapidly deploy any BI application with the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Freely mix and match BI styles as needed
  • Manage large user populations with minimum hardware costs
  • Perform transaction-level analysis against large data volumes without sacrificing response time
  • Support global deployments with a single BI application
  • Easily monitor, store, and secure valuable information
  • Leverage central and distributed administration models for all BI applications using comprehensive management tools
  • Facilitate corporate governance and IT compliance
  • Achieve extremely high system availability out-of-the-box
  • Support more users, more data, more applications, and experience increased performance with fewer servers

Product Highlights

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server ensures the long-term success of any BI initiative by delivering four essential components:

La Caixa, Spain's largest savings bank, supports more than 90 varied applications on a single platform.

All 5 Styles of BI on One Integrated Platform

  • All applications share a core set of functional and backplane services that provide common metadata, administrative data, management and application services, making BI application development, deployment, and management quick and comprehensive
  • Easily supports any type of BI environment, from workgroup, to departmental, to full-scale enterprise
  • Companies can freely mix and match BI styles as needed, in workgroup, departmental, and enterprise environments. A fully integrated architecture lets enterprises standardize on a single BI technology for all their needs
  • Pervasive, advanced analytics that include in-depth OLAP and forecasting functions

Over 10,000 users across Metro Group perform reporting and analysis against a 70 TB data warehouse.

Metro Group leverages MicroStrategy within an Extranet to perform in-depth operations, sales, product, and supply chain analysis.

High-Performance Scaling to Thousands of Users and Petabytes of Data

  • Next-generation 64-bit ROLAP engine ensures optimal SQL generation and seamless integration with any data warehouse
  • Manage large amounts of data and large user populations without increased hardware costs
  • Perform transaction-level analysis against large data volumes without sacrificing response time
  • Automatic load balancing
  • Five-level intelligent caching and parallel pipeline query execution
  • Advanced archiving and scheduling
  • Fully compiled 64-bit architecture

The Postal Service has an 85+ TB Teradata data warehouse, one of the largest data warehouses in the world. The company has 20,000 users that access 12 MicroStrategy applications and run 15,000 reports daily to monitor and analyze financial performance, on-time delivery performance, network efficiency, in-plant operations, and retail outlet performance.

Rock-Solid, 24X7 Operations

  • Achieve extremely high system availability out-of-the-box
  • Proprietary clustering algorithms
  • Load balancing and hot failover
  • Automatic fault tolerance and self-tuning
  • Automatic administration of all BI environments with comprehensive management tools

Providing data to over 2,000 hospitals in the U.S., Premier distributes information to doctors through a secure Extranet application.

Secure, Manageable BI Applications through a Single Metadata

  • Highly secure and easy to manage from anywhere with minimal expense, reducing administration and maintenance costs
  • Iron-clad security architecture with cell-level data security
  • Detailed functional control
  • Safeguarded BI application access
  • Open architecture that seamlessly integrates with industry-standard authentication systems and existing IT frameworks

Intelligence Server Extensions

A fully integrated component that delivers data mining predictive models to all users

A fully integrated component that delivers SAP certified NetWeaver™ integration with SAP BW, SAP WAS & SAP Enterprise Portal

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