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By: Microstrategy  09-12-2011
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Business Intelligence Software

MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Software

Make more informed decisions with timely, data-driven answers to your business questions. MicroStrategy Business Intelligence software lets you transform your data into attractive and easy-to-understand dashboards and reports for greater insights to:

  • Enhance cost-efficiency and productivity
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Optimize revenue-generating strategies
  • Monitor trends and discover anomalies
  • Forecast business opportunities

About MicroStrategy 9

MicroStrategy 9 is a fully integrated BI platform that makes Business Intelligence faster, easier, and more user-friendly. Recent enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Mobile Capabilities for the iPhone and iPadNEW transactions and multimedia capabilities expand the potential for mobile apps alongside Business Intelligence, multi-tasking, alerting, information workflow support, improved collaboration, and data visualizations; plus NEW security features for the iPad and iPhone.
  • Transaction ServicesNEW product addition to the MicroStrategy platform enables users to initiate actions and transactions from a mobile device
  • Native Support for Multidimensional Data Sources – now with direct access to IBM Cognos TM1 enterprise planning software
  • Rapid Application Development and Deployment – easier to develop with DashboardApps, easier to architect with auto-modeling heuristics, and easier to prototype with reusable dashboard designs

The MicroStrategy 9 Platform is uniquely engineered for enterprise BI performance and scale. It also serves the rapidly changing business needs of smaller, departmental BI applications. MicroStrategy 9 provides a seamless path to migrate workgroup and departmental BI applications into an integrated enterprise BI operation.

World-class Business Intelligence Products

Why MicroStrategy?

More than one million people worldwide and thousands of leading companies across all industries use MicroStrategy Business Intelligence software every day for better business decisions.

Ventana Research: “MicroStrategy 9 Release 2 introduces enhanced performance and power to deliver interactive analytics that are easily architected, assembled, and deployed via dashboards and new forms of information applications.” 
—Mark Smith, CEO and EVP, Ventana Research

TDWI: “In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, the ability to quickly deploy new applications is critical.  I am impressed with MicroStrategy's auto-modeling heuristics, which make project setup far easier."
—Wayne Eckerson, Director, The Data Warehousing Institute

BIScorecard: “MicroStrategy 9 Release 2 brings improvements to its in-memory algorithms that improve both real time query performance, load times to OLAP caches, and memory required. While MicroStrategy 9 had excellent data scalability, the latest enhancements allow for more user scalability, even with complex analytic queries.”
—Cindi Howson, Founder, BIScorecard

Business Intelligence Customer Spotlights

Global Transportation and Supply Chain Management Services Leader Runs Performance Management Applications for Operational Reporting, Business Monitoring, and Forecasting in Sales, Operations, and Finance"Con-way is looking forward to MicroStrategy’s new Health Center product that can provide our administrators peace of mind knowing that system problems can be automatically identified and resolution information would be readily available. The new automated administrative features in MicroStrategy’s latest release will enable our IT personnel to work more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources."
–Sean Devine, Vice President Pricing and Engineering of Con-way Freight

Leading North American Home Improvement Retailer Employs BI Center of Excellence to Manage Inventory, Improve Margins, Analyze Markets, and Identify Sales Opportunities"The enhanced performance in MicroStrategy 9 Release 2 will allow us to distribute more information to our BI user population in much less time. In our recent tests, we saw a 30% performance improvement for both in-memory BI and our most frequently used dashboard."
–Joyce Vonada, SVP IT Business Solutions, Lowe’s Companies

Global Online Marketplace Leader Analyzes Ongoing Performance of the Many Different Categories of Products and Services for Sale on its Web Sites. On Any Given Day, There Are More Than 16 Million Items Listed On eBay Across 27,000 Categories. "We look forward to using MicroStrategy 9 In-memory ROLAP technology to help us improve our user experience with faster response times and to take unnecessary pressure off our Teradata system."
–Mark Govostes, Manager of BI Architecture at eBay

Leading Global Provider of Online Products and Services Analyzes Sales, Advertising, and Transactions via Information Dashboards "We were amazed at how much information we could consolidate into one of MicroStrategy's new dashboards. Every day, our executives rely on our information dashboards for a snapshot of our business performance."
–Prashanth Narella, Engineering Manager, Data Services at Yahoo! Inc.

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MicroStrategy OLAP Services Overview

An automatic check of each report request to access data from an Intelligent Cube wherever possible before issuing a query to a database. User Transparency: users investigate and analyze data faster since cube Intelligent Cubes are automatically sourced whenever possible. This MicroStrategy Intelligence Server plug-in is deployed without any service interruption to the end user on the Web or Windows.


MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Services

Working alongside product engineers, the team has the deepest and broadest MicroStrategy knowledge in the industry. MicroStrategy's Services professionals help you get the most from your MicroStrategy enabled solutions. Offices across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Dedicated to Business Intelligence implementation.


MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Overview

Most BI software specializes in one type of application (such as ad hoc analysis, reporting, or cube analysis), and as a result, many organizations own and maintain multiple BI architectures to support all the applications their users require. A fully integrated component that delivers SAP certified NetWeaver™ integration with SAP BW, SAP WAS & SAP Enterprise Portal.


MicroStrategy Report Services Overview

With fully integrated reporting, analysis and monitoring as well as intuitive What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get report design features, business users can easily create and analyze a pixel-perfect dashboard, scorecard, or production report from multiple sources of data. Full interactivity in scorecards, dashboards and production reports, including in-depth analysis through drilling and other OLAP capabilities.