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By: Hr Nav Plus  09-12-2011

Employee development pays dividends.

Whether you’re interested in improving your hiring process, building leadership or workforce skills, providing extraordinary customer service, or improving the management of your people’s day-to-day performance, HR NAV+ utilizes various instructional methods such as on-site learning, webcam instruction and e-learning to meet the various needs of clients.

We ensure that the learning process is done in a timely, affordable, and flexible way for both you and your employees to meet your performance needs.

Our team can:

  • Identify the skills your team requires to achieve your organization’s goals
  • Develop career paths for your employees
  • Deliver training either on-site or off-site via webcam or webinar sessions
  • Create strategies to encourage employees to learn necessary skills
  • Create modular sessions during convenient lunch hour times to promote a learning culture
  • Help create a sustained and effective succession planning model to identify current gaps for current and future needs

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