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By: Timecontrol  09-12-2011
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TimeControl for Time and Attendance

Almost every implementation of TimeControl has some Time and Attendance component. As a multi-function timesheet system, TimeControl is also used for other purposes but Time and Attendance functionality is extensive in the system and very easy to implement.

Organizations use Time and Attendance information for payroll, human resources and, when an employee is absent, tracking non-working time such as holidays, vacations or sick leave.

Simple Entry
TimeControl's multi-browser, multi-lingual interface is easy to use and quick to get in and out of. We know that end-users will spend only a few minutes a week entering their timesheet so the interface must be both quick and intuitive. Only the functions, fields and elements of TimeControl that are appropriate to be displayed are shown to each user.

TimeControlMobile timesheet entry using your Smartphone
When getting to the office is a problem, TimeControlMobile is ready for you. Included with every TimeControl is a mobile interface for your Blackberry, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile 7 device which allows you to enter or complete your timesheet or approve timesheets from your subordinates.

Autofill / Timesheet entry by exception
Some organizations have salaried personnel who need only enter a timesheet if they have an exception such as sick leave or vacation time. TimeControl's Autofill function is designed for just this requirement. It allows a timesheet to be created or added to for salaried staff to fill each day of the timesheet for these exception-only users with a specified number of hours. Autofill will include the exception hours that have already been entered by the user and fill the balance of the day.

Supervisor approvals
TimeControl's approval functionality is extensive but approving timesheets for supervisors is very simple. Supervisors can accept or reject the timesheet or multiple timesheets at once and they can even do so from their Smartphone.

Automated timesheet validation approvals
TimeControl's Validation Rules allows administrators to create business rules that are appropriate for your organization. Almost any combination of rules can be created and they can be applied to everyone or only to some of the employees. For example you might have different rules for salaried staff and wage staff. Rules such as 'no sick leave on weekends' or 'you can't take more vacation time than you have in your vacation bank' are common and the Validation rules means that end users themselves have already made sure their timesheet data is up to the organization's standards.

Track internal cost vs. external billing/project rates
TimeControl allows an unlimited number of rates per employee and for each rate code multiple values can be tracked. This means that for any period of time on the timesheet, you could track a billing value and an internal cost value plus other elements like average rates for projets, burdens or premiums.

Tracking multiple start/end times per day
Sometimes its critical for an organization to track not just how much time was spent on each task but also when an employee arrived and departed. TimeControl's Start/Stop tracking can be turned on for any employees who have this requirement. Multiple Start/Stops per day can be tracked on the timesheet and the resulting total number of hours can be used in a business rule such as "you must account for all your time". Some organizations use this function and ask the staff to enter the start and stop times right on the TimeControl timesheet page, others will link this data to a security access system and make it read only.

Using TimeControl's TimeRequest� function for time-off approvals
TimeRequest is TimeControl's vacation approval system. It is a simple easy-to-use screen to enter requests to take time off in the future and once approved, the time will automatically appear in the appropriate future timesheet. But, TimeRequest is highly flexible and can be configured to track approvals for any kind of future time request.

Links to Payroll systems and services
Once the data is in TimeControl, you can create links to send it to other systems such as Payroll software or Payroll services. There's no need of manual input of payroll timesheets when TimeControl can send the auditable data there directly.

Links to HR systems and services
TimeControl can send data not only to Payroll systems but also to HR software or services so that tracking of vacation, time off, sick leave or other entitlements can be tracked back to the timesheet system. Easy to create transaction files makes it simple for HR systems to read TimeControl's data.

Support for European Work Rules Directive, Federal Medical Leave Act and other government compliance
There are many government requirements these days that require time and attendance records. With an auditable system like TimeControl, generating the reports these systems need is very simple and an enormous time saver.

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Keywords: Human Resources, Payroll, timesheet

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