By: T-zee Skatewear  09-12-2011


T-Zee specializes in matching apparel with the character of an athlete - something which is impossible to do in the retail world. Our principle mandate has always been to offer an athlete 'choice' and for this reason, we have developed 3 modules for your perusal:

Module 1: Consists of our classic practice and testing outfits - bold prints and high-quality solid lycra, utilized together to create an eye-catching and unique garment. Each unit is available separately for purchase so as to offer an array of wardrobe options for the athlete. Choose from any one of the following:

Complete Sets:
    a. Print leotard/Solid skirt
    b. Solid leotard/Print skirt
    c. Print leotard/Print skirt
    d. Solid leotard/Solid skirt
Separate Units:
    a. Print leotard
    b. Print skirt
    c. Solid leotard
    d. Solid skirt

Module 2:

Embellishes on our classic units above. Here, our designer works with an already existing unit and enhances it accordingly. Whether it be for competition and some added sparkle is needed or simply a mix of two patterns is desired, we can assist in modifying and recommending suitable styles and solutions.

Module 3:

Refers to our design studio services. From conception to execution, we are able to design a unique outfit to compliment an athlete's physical features, level and performance type. Each garment is always an original designed for a particular individual and is never duplicated - under any circumstances.