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By: Reflex Photonics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Integrated Circuits, Optical Connectivity, Optical Engine,

Reflex Photonics’ Light On Board technology provides optically enabled semiconductor-packaging solutions for ultra short reach (USR) and short reach (SR) interconnections to and between integrated circuits (ICs) on a single printed circuit board (PCB), between adjacent PCB's and adjacent equipment chassis.

Light On Board is an extreme high density, high-speed interconnect solution that offers superior performance without disrupting current manufacturing methodologies that use standard IC packaging and standard PCBs, automated equipment and processes. Light On Board technology continues to respect all aspects of IC packaging and board assembly such as package size, footprint, solder-re-flow and chip interconnections since it is extremely important not to disrupt the processes developed by IC and PCB manufacturers. All existing electrical high-speed connections to the ASIC are maintained in addition to the optical connections added with Light on Board and all optically enabled chip packages are connected via industry standard multi-fiber ribbon cables and patent pending Light on Board mating clips.

Light on Board provides a platform for optical connectivity by introducing pre-aligned optical-to-electrical (or electrical-to-optical) channel connector modules next to IC packages. Integrated within the channel connector modules are Reflex’s pre-aligned LightABLE™ Optical Engines: compact, encapsulated, thin modules that can be pick-and-placed into the IC package along side the chip. The distance between the ASIC and the LightABLE Optical Engine is significantly less than one inch, in order to immediately convert the ultra-high speed electrical signals into optical signals.

Keywords: Integrated Circuits, Optical Connectivity, Optical Engine,