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By: Natural  09-12-2011

"I love, love, love your new Anti-odour Bar. I love the smell and the way it works, and I have to tell, I really have smelly pits! That is, I used to."
C. P. Victoria, BC

"I'd say it does the trick for the most part, and the benefits it has (the texture, and the fact that it is full of awesome natural ingredients and no crap) put it high on my list. I would rate it somewhere between a 7 and 8 out of 10. It's up there with the other natural deodorants I've tried and definitely better than most."

Stephanie C, London ON

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The ESP shampoo bar has pretty much stopped the itchy scalp that I was discussing with your wife at the Craft fair in Dec 2010. The vinegar has been a great help for the itch as well, makes the hair smell so nice & feel so soft.