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By: Luminis  09-12-2011
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    Designed as a wall mounted multifunctional luminaire achieving various lighting tasks. Mixed up and down light with various distribution or simply downlight Full Cutoff for wide building perimeter lighting. QUANTA features various lumen packages and has an L70 rated life of more than 100,000hrs.

  • ECLIPSE fixtures have it all. They're designed to look good with practically hands-free maintenance.  A complete site lighting solution for your LEED projects with its full cutoff dark sky certification.

  • LEARN how Luminis products contribute to the excellence in building design.

    We deliver at the
speed of light.  Get the lighting you want – fast. 
Luminis Quick Ship Light - manufactured to your specifications
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  • Keywords: Lighting

    Other products and services from Luminis


    STR620W - Luminis

    Ideally suited for of?ce spaces, conference rooms, or any multifunction area where visual appeal and performance is required, Spectrum Linear will deliver a unique look with performance and uniformity. Spectrum Linear was designed with the objective of glare-free illumination within a sleek and shallow design. Its internal optical system allows optimal up light with a wide batwing distribution pattern.


    PL10P - Pelican - Exterior Lightning

    Efficient, Pelican performs unequaled lighting results with carefully positioned reflector panels placed at specific angles, and coated with a special white enamel polyester finish applied on both surfaces to ensure comfort, optimal performance, and minimize wind resistance. As a single mount post top version, Pelican presents a creative approach to our visual lighting environment, with brightness free and a soft illumination concept.


    Case Study - Luminis

    A cost effective central heat-recovery ventilator system for continuous ventilation and better indoor air quality Building materials that have high recycled content that were manufactured regionally. It was assumed that an environmental statement should go beyond current design trends, must be understandable by the neighbors and, of course, had to still meet the budget.LEED Gold Certified.


    Interior Lighting - Luminis

    Appropriate in retail, commercial, industrial and institutional applications, these high efficiency light fixtures are available with optional controls, attachments and accessories. Many of these series are based on a modular concept, making them the perfect choice where a number of different lighting sources are required.


    Exterior Lighting - Luminis

    Many of these series are based on a modular concept, making them the perfect choice where a number of different lighting sources are required. These luminaires provide years of reliable performance and boast low maintenance requirements, even in the most challenging environments. Exterior lighting solutions designed to add visual appeal to exterior spaces.