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Keywords: Hosted Pbx, Internal And External, Sip Trunking

Key Features

HERO comes with several key features that facilitate offering hosted PBX services to end-users. These key features include:

Standard and advanced PBX telephony features – Hosted PBX accounts enjoy many advanced telephony features including caller-ID, blind and supervised call transfer, call waiting, three-way conferencing, call park, call forwarding, fax support, hunt group, group paging, find me/follow me, music on hold, call recording, teleworking, and busy lamp field (BLF).

Web-based administration – Using HERO’s web interface, operators can manage hosted PBX accounts from a central location. Call activity can be conveniently monitored in real time, and usage reports and account invoices can be easily generated.

SIP trunking compliance – HERO directly connects with service provides’ virtual lines, thereby reducing gateway costs.

Auto-attendant IVR – Each hosted PBX gets assigned a unique DID that forwards incoming calls to the auto attendant IVR, which in turn plays a unique greeting message. Through this interactive auto-attendant, callers can dial extension numbers to reach the hosted PBX users.

Emergency 911 and E911 support – Emergency calls can be routed to emergency providers using a sophisticated algorithm that ensures that all emergency calls are properly processed.

Integrated billing – HERO comes with an integrated billing system that tracks all incoming and outgoing calls associated with the hosted PBX accounts and invoices them accordingly.  

Integrated billing – HERO comes with an integrated billing system that tracks all incoming and outgoing calls associated with the hosted PBX accounts and invoices them accordingly.

Cost and Statistics reports – Cost reports can be easily produced to keep track of profits made, and statistics reports can be generated to summarize average call success rates.

Device provisioning – HERO can directly provision many types of IP phones and telephone adapters. Upon rebooting, they get provisioned with their settings, including their assigned extension numbers.

ACD module – Automatically distribute incoming and outgoing calls to available agents in a controlled manner.

Conference server – Hosted PBX accounts can have the option of creating conference calls and inviting internal and external users to participate in them.

Failover and High Availability support – To guarantee fault tolerance and disaster recovery, HERO has been designed to run in a failover setup as well as with high availability-compliant devices.

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