Octaves in Time « AstroCycle research

By: Astrocycle  09-12-2011

Octaves in Time « AstroCycle research

Harmonics – Forces across a range of Octaves

One of the most important Laws of the Universe is the “Inverse Square Law”, or simply stated: any Force declines exponentially with its squared distance. This Law applies to all known Forces in the Universe and is responsible for the common structures of growth visible in our universe. It yields the familiar spirals visible from the ultra large galaxies, down to the huge hurricanes, but also to the smallest shells.

Looking for Harmonics in US Markets

A Force can create Harmonics at lower and higher Octaves of Frequencies, just like the same patterns can be seen on many scales in Nature. This can easily be detected in the US Markets with charts of progressively larger intervals or Octaves. These charts of one year, 10 years and 100 years use the power of 10 since the decennial pattern is significant enough to already be recognized as useful. Just as expected, we do see a similar repeating waveform across all three Octaves, confirming the work of Harmonics. The waveform typically shows weakness near the first and second third of the seasonal 1 year chart, with a similar pattern also visible in the first and second third of the Decade, Century charts and even a Millenium timeline. This also yields the familiar Elliott Wave pattern of three drives up broken by two periods of weakness across all time frames as Elliott discovered and Prechter popularized.

Seasonal Weakness near 1/3 and 2/3

Same 1/3 and 2/3 Decennial Pattern

Same 1/3 and 2/3 Century Pattern

Same 1/3 and 2/3 Pattern in a Thousand years?

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Kondratieff Wave « AstroCycle research

After the roaring Twenties took debt to 270% of GDP in an unsustainable way, the collapse of this debt led to the great Depression, WWII, and a distinct distrust of paper assets and debt. Debt levels then returned to a more manageable 150% of GDP before rising again, mostly from the growth of mortgages as the real estate and commodities bubble took hold in the late 1970?s.


Prime Numbers « AstroCycle research

By definition, only Prime Number frequencies are unique, and all others are Harnonic resonance at lower or higher Octaves of the Prime frequencies or interactions with other frequencies. The three year harmonics shows up mostly in Interest Rates sensitive series, with the 2nd harmonic of 6 year very visible, and the 10th harmonic 60 year cycle very important as well.


Study of Cycles « AstroCycle research

The discovery and manipulation of this spectrum has been the source of the greatest gifts to mankind, from the humble beginnings of language and music, to the benefits of Radio, Laser, X-rays, Computers and Microwave communications and cooking.


Articles « AstroCycle research

The US is facing Debt Deflation just like Japan, and unlike BCA Research which believes the difference between Corporate Debt, and Consumer Debt will yield a different outcome we believe the net result will be similar. I doubt very much China and other creditor nations will continue to support the USA for another 10-20 years of Debt Deflation.


Solar Volatility « AstroCycle research

One holds that because of the position of the earth, the sun, the planets, they are balanced one with another in some manner, some form; yet that they have nothing to do with man’s life or the expanse of life, or the emotions of the physical being in the earth.


Economic Waves « AstroCycle research

There is evidence of a 150 year cycle, a likely cycle since it would be an harmonic resonance of the 309.6 year Princeton model. The Commodities series shows the secular trends between price inflation and deflation have accelerated in the last century. Supporting this low rates forecast is the Federal Debt now over 8.8 trillion, and Household Debt Service at 20 year highs.


Money Dynamics « AstroCycle research

The Federal Reserve was enacted to control the growth of the Money Supply through short term Interest Rates, but since it is composed of Bankers who profit from the expansion, they can be in conflict of interest. Starting in 1925 Debt grew quickly while the Economy had most likely started contracting in 1920 as shown by the drop in Rates before the rise in Debt and Money Supply in 1925.