I.N.D Montreal - International News Distributors

By: I.n.d Montreal  09-12-2011

I.N.D. offers a unique service in home and office hand-delivery of out-of-town newspapers and almost any magazine.

IND was founded in 1981 as a seven-day-a-week home delivery service for the New York Times. We now carry many additional newspapers, including The New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times of London, Barron's, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen and the Boston Globe.

We pride ourselves on our flexible subscription service - you don't have to subscribe to any titles for a fixed period, you can change your order at any time.

In addition to our newspaper service, we carry over 5000 magazine titles from all over the world. I.N.D. has a standard 10% discount off news stand prices for magazines. With magazine delivery from I.N.D., in most cases you will get your order hand-delivered on, or even before the day it hits most news stands, depending on the service available in your area.

Significant discounts are offered for multiple title ordering of magazines.