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By: Allan White B Eng Inspecto-pro  09-12-2011

Written reports explain, in orderly fashion, the observed details, construction quality, and condition of the various building systems.

No form-letters or standard checklists are used; each building is analysed on an individual-case basis.

Reports are generally 40 to 80 typed pages in length, depending on the condition and type of building inspected, and are normally available within two calendar days from the date of the inspection.

Any observed deficiencies or defects are indicated along with our professional recommendations on how to best rectify the situation. Evaluations or estimates of required repairs (to be executed by a third party) are provided as well.

Deficiencies which affect the safe and proper use of the premises are always indicated in detail, with explanations (in both technical and layman's terms) of remedial and permanent actions to be taken by our client or the vendor.

Other deficiencies which are not serious in nature, whether architectural, structural, or cosmetic, are also included in the report, in such detail and quantity as is possible to achieve during the inspection period. Such information is generally beneficial to both the purchaser and the vendor.

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