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By: Synepsis  09-12-2011
Keywords: Migration, System Installation, Remote Administration

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies need new solutions delivered quickly, efficiently and reliably. When selecting a service provider, you need to feel confident that its consultants have a solid and successful approach to implement solutions that will support your business objectives. Synepsis is focused on providing professional Documentum IT services that meet client requirements and budget needs. Our strong knowledge of Documentum products, technical proficiency, and proven methodologies have seen Synepsis build strong relationships with its customers. We can conduct a range of services related to system installation and administration.

Documentum  Administration
Documentum Software installation and upgrade
Server and Application migration
Backup strategies
Disaster recovery planning and testing
System tuning

Remote Administration Services
Your company runs a Documentum platform but has no need for a full-time onsite Documentum Administrator?  Remote administration is for you   Using VPN or other remote communication technologies, Synepsis consulting can provide all of its services remotely. Our staff is available to assist in the administration and respond when and how your business needs require.

CMS Migration Services
Migrating from Documentum™ to a new CMS (Open Text™, Sharepoint™, Alfresco™), our Documentum professionals can help. Using DocXport™ and other proprietary software, Synepsis Consulting can help make your migration project successful.

Custom development solutions
One of our key strengths has been our ability to take up projects of varying sizes and ensure they get quality treatment throughout execution. Whether you are planning a Documentum DFC  solution or a customization of Documentum WebTop, Synepsis Consulting can develop a tailored Documentum solutions to solve your specific business challenges.

Our Documentum specialists can get involved at early stages of the project to conduct technical research and evaluation. They can assist you with:

  • Project scoping and costing
  • Analysis and design
  • Functional specifications
  • Technology choices
  • Software architecture design

Keywords: Migration, Remote Administration, Remote Communication, System Installation