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By: Nuvo I.T  25-04-2011
Keywords: E-commerce, E-commerce B2B, E-commerce B2C,

 E-commerce has become one of the most effective methods for business growth by improving company-client relations and by providing easier access to a wider customer base. An E-commerce platform should be easy to use and not complicate transactions for yourself or your clients. Whether you want to offer a subscription/membership service, a physical product, or an electronically delivered product, Nuvo-IT can make it happen.

Shopping Carts and Web Stores
Need a simple and cost effective way to make new incremental sales? The answer is an online store. Nuvo-IT will work with you in order to design a platform and backend system that best suits your company’s needs. Be it a simple shopping cart or a more complex web application, a secure and user-friendly e-store is our main focus. With experience in high volume E-commerce we understand how crucial functionality and usability is and therefore we will handle the project from start to finish by not only building the database but by also securing the necessary servers to power it. If you have an existing E-commerce platform that needs refinement, Nuvo-IT is available to step in at any point to make necessary adjustments.

Product Catalog
Whether your product portfolio is large or small, Nuvo-IT can help you improve productivity and facilitate inventory management by digitizing your company’s product catalog and thus enabling statistical analysis of every product and purchase. With a digital inventory system, the management and sales possibilities are quite extensive. For example, you can suggest purchase combinations or product upgrades to customers during the purchase process, which can vastly improve the average revenue per order and boost sales along with ROI.

Exclusive Digital Content and Members Area
Nuvo-IT can design an Exclusive Members Area to protect your content and allow user-by-user access without sacrificing product quality or company integrity. By requiring identity verification, such as usernames and passwords, you can feel at ease knowing that only paying customers are getting the access they paid for. If you are interested in cross-selling or up-selling from your secure area as well, we can incorporate a “one click” purchasing processes that will enable customers to easily upgrade or renew membership and subscriptions.

Keywords: E-commerce, E-commerce B2B, E-commerce B2C,

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