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By: Corporation Ashland Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: Specialty Chemicals, Corrosion Inhibitors


From extraction aids to increase corn oil production to corrosion inhibitors to protect plant assets, we are well positioned to help biorefineries.

Building and Construction

Industry leaders turn to us for the creation of stronger, lighter, more resistant substitutes for traditional materials.

Chemical Processing

Depend on more than 100 years of experience to help improve operational efficiencies, protect plant assets and minimize environmental impact.

Commercial and Institutional

We are the No. 1 provider of water-treatment chemicals and services to the world’s largest cities and to thousands of hospital operating rooms.


Our cost-effective and sustainable solutions help you make the right choices in renewable energy technologies.

Food and Beverage

Our ingredients have been the right choice since the 1950s. We also offer process and utility-water chemistries for production needs.

General Manufacturing

We're a proven partner in manufacturing processes, design services and water-treatment applications.

Mining and Extraction

Since the 1950s, our resins have been transforming the mining industry by performing well even in the most corrosive of environments.

More Specialties

Speciaty chemical applications are endless. If you don't recognize your end market, please contact us.


Our wastewater and dewatering solutions help ensure regulatory compliance and help to protect our global environment.

Packaging, Converting and Printing

We help create innovative formulations for surface and bonding enhancement to meet your high-performance printing and converting needs.

Paints and Coatings

We’ve set the standard for rheology solutions and help meet the growing demand for green products.

Personal Care

Our products are proven safe and effective for use in both liquid and semi-solid end uses, and you'll find an INCI name for each of our polymers.


We provide the broadest range of cellulosic polymers for formulation control of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms.

Power Generation

We supply specialty chemicals and support services to both fossil-fuel-based and nuclear-fission-based power stations around the world.

Pulp and Paper

We are the world’s leading supplier of specialty chemicals and support services to the global pulp and paper industry.


Our lubricants keep the world running while providing manufacturers greater flexibility and cost savings.

Keywords: Corrosion Inhibitors, Specialty Chemicals

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