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By: Husky Floor Machines (quebec)  09-12-2011
Keywords: Central Vacuum Systems

We challenge ourselves to go beyond technical and mechanical boundaries in order to make each system as good as it can possibly be. The integration of a host of innovations makes our products easier and more efficient to use. The result: A comprehensive line of central vacuum systems like no other.

Nuera Air is the first to adopt an approach where central vacuum systems look as good as they work, thanks to their impeccable finishing and unique design.

We propose 2 complete product lines of central vacuum systems under the Duovac and Husky brands.

Who knows where your needs will take us?

At Nuera Air, we’ve always had the demands and expectations of our clients in mind. That’s why we’re committed to offering the most innovative, efficient and durable systems in the industry.

Improving the air quality by reducing allergens and lowering the noise level is a constant preoccupation to us.

You want cleaner air, we clearly agree.

Pet hair, dander, mites, mould and pollen are all sources of allergies and other health-related problems inside your home. Nuera Air offers hybrid systems (with or without bags) that trap dust and allergens in a central unit far away from your lungs. Our systems are so powerful; they can filter out 97.5% of particles as small as 0.1 micron, providing you with the air quality you want.

You want less noise,
we understand you.

Nuera Air offers central vacuum systems with all the power you could ever need, while remaining among the quietest systems on the planet.

You want a convenient and intelligent
system, we hear you.

Nuera Air’s ergonomic intelligent handle is clearly more practical than any conventional handle. It’s solid, light, plus its unique design lets you maneuver it with unprecedented ease and flexibility. With a simple press of the finger, you can effortlessly start and stop the power unit, control the suction power for delicate items or use the integrated light, perfect for cleaning poorly-lit places. But it’s called ‘intelligent’ for a reason, because all the information you need is right at your fingertips. When combined with the two-way wireless technology package, it opens all doors for you. Its LCD screen gives you everything in real time, including the time to empty the canister or to replace the bag, if needed or when to service the motor.

Keywords: Central Vacuum Systems

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