FASTTRAX: Submit Evidence to NIBIN

By: Forensic Technology (wai)  09-12-2011

The underlying idea is simple: every crime gun has a story to tell and our FastTRAX™ services can help you uncover it more quickly and with fewer resources because we process your forensic ballistic evidence for you.

FastTRAX can help you learn if the gun you seized from a suspect was used to commit crimes such as murders and drive-by shootings. It can also help you link multiple crimes and generate new leads.

FastTRAX can help police agencies and crime laboratories with access to the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network (NIBIN) gain more benefits from this database while they strive to deal with heavy workloads from rising levels of assaults, gang violence and murders committed with firearms.

Even more importantly, FastTRAX can be of substantial benefit to those police agencies that do not have access to IBIS® or NIBIN, by empowering them to take more control of generating leads for their investigations and contribute to the collective value of NIBIN at the same time.

FastTRAX can also help forensic laboratories reduce ballistic evidence backlogs. By overcoming delays in ballistic evidence processing, armed criminals may be stopped before they have the opportunity to shoot and kill again.

The entire criminal justice system benefits whenever technology like IBIS and data-sharing networks like NIBIN are fully optimized.

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Designed for organizations with backlogs of evidence and seized firearms that wish to access the NIBIN database, this option entails our trained FASTTRAX personnel imaging your ballistics evidence with IBIS and storing it in the NIBIN database where it will be correlated against other regional entries. Our crew will then review the top 20 results and provide you with a report outlining any high-confidence matches. Data Entry & Search Review.


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