Whatsnexx Whatsnexx Studio

By: Whatsnexx  09-12-2011

Whatsnexx Whatsnexx Studio

Focus on the state of each customer

The Whatsnexx Studio allows you to focus on the state of each customer whether it is a lead, a subscriber, a new client, a client at risk, a preferred client… The idea is to always put forward your best offering in order to move your customer to the most profitable state.

Trigger-based marketing, revisited

Most tools simply trigger actions based on behavior. Whatsnexx allows you to follow the evolution of each customer and react in a manner in a sophisticated and interwoven multichannel environment.

Present your strategies and tactics

Whatsnexx goes further and provides a customizable interface that you can use to present your strategies and tactics to your peers. It also allows you to deliver live simulations of customer behavior and desired responses.

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Whatsnexx Benefits Overview

Whatsnexx simplify the integration and execution of marketing programs through software solutions already supported by their IT department Our new approach to integration help marketers clarify their needs and technologists understand and deliver the necessary expertise. Our goal is to provide agencies with the opportunity to deliver multichannel marketing solution to clients without technology roadblocks.


Whatsnexx Solutions

Whatsnexx, the world’s first Customer State Marketing Engine, allows marketers to build multichannel Relationship Marketing programs and connect them to any communications channel needed for their execution. After years of research and development, Whatsnexx unveils a breakthrough technology for marketing automation.


Whatsnexx Multichannel Marketing Workshops

The purpose of the workshop is to provide you and your staff with a clearer understanding of how to implement a multichannel approach for your customers. A review of your organization’s current marketing practices and desired multichannel marketing situation. Designing multichannel marketing scenarios that target your customers. A review of a multichannel marketing roadmap for your organization.


Whatsnexx Innovator Program

The Innovator Program provides a select number of leading edge marketing professionals with the opportunity to use our Customer State Marketing Engine to drive business value and further their careers. Innovators get to use our product before others, and subsequently provide Whatsnexx with insights into that experience so that future releases can be enhanced to benefit all customers.