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By: Weegems  09-12-2011
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There is truly something for everyone, and everyone's budget. Whether you are a collector seeking a special possession, or avid doll house maker, you will enjoy this exploration.The following five paragraphs describe what you can expect to see in this section of our web site. Note that the links to these separate sections are located on the left of every web page, allowing you to move about, as you wish, though the web site.

Traditionally, the weary traveller looks for the light in the window; symbol of hearth and home, of love, family and life. Wee wish these candle holders, all made of sterling silver or 14kt. gold, in some small way will bring you this sentiment. Welcome home.
Throughout history, men and women have adorned their homes with things beautiful, comfortable and peaceful. It is always the little touches that make a room or a mood complete.
“Men make life possible, women make life worth living.”
The weeGems line of ladies adornment is created to show our thanks, love and respect for the feminine. This is why men build, explore and conquer. Thank you to Gia and all of her daughters. Collectors, doll artisans and doll makers will be especially pleased to see the extensive collection we have in The Ladies Worth to adorn the lady you knew she would be.
A man is judged by his actions - not his words or his station in life. A man’s adornments reflect the way he sees himself. These accessories are for the man of full-self worth.
The greatest amongst us is merely a shepherd. The Royal Sceptre - symbol of wealth and power - comes to us from the modest shepard's crook. The crown; originally a garland of flowers. Everything royal reflects the modest— nature and life together.

Keywords: Doll House