Job Analysis

By: Walden Testing  09-12-2011

Employers should realize that testing is not illegal. Many companies are in favor of it. Organizations are free to use any professionally-developed test that is not discriminatory.

A Job/Task Analysis identifies the skills and abilities necessary to successfully perform the job. It forms the basis for developing test questions and assists in decisions relating to:

Training requirements

Career development strategies

Certification & testing requirements


Changes to the job

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Test Validation

Predictive Validation - is a procedure which tests individuals when they are hired, and then statistically compares the test results, after a certain time, to on-the-job performance. Concurrent Validation - is a procedure which tests individuals currently in the position, and then statistically compares their test results with their current performance.


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A recent job description is utilized to ensure the newly developed test is relevant to the job and evaluates the majority of essential traits of the position. A Job/Task Analysis provides a data-rich foundation for identifying job performance requirements in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities. Test validation is a procedure that demonstrates that a test is job-related, fair and non-discriminatory.