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By: Vm6  09-12-2011
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VM6 Manage Cloud Platform is designed for multi-site organizations and MSPs. We enable you to leverage Microsoft Windows and Hyper-V to create an internal cloud to provision, consolidate, manage and protect all of the workloads in all organizations, including SMBs, enterprise organizations with remote office and/or branch locations. VM6 Manage Cloud Platform is the best solution for managed services providers that want to increase their level of service at the same time as their profitability.

VM6 Manage Cloud Platform help you built an all-in-one virtualization solution for Small and Medium Businesses

For most small and medium sized businesses (SMB) clustering, shared storage and virtualization is a continuous challenge. VM6 Manage Cloud Platform allows SMBs to gain access to the benefits of virtualization without increasing cost and complexity. VM6 Manage Cloud Platform is an all-in-one product that installs on top of Windows and does not require any complex network or storage setup. VM6 Manage Cloud Platform also comes with a fully integrated monitoring and alerting system that is simple but effective enough to meet all the requirements for MSPs.

Integrate Virtual Storage, Virtual Servers, Clustering and Distributed Management resulting in:

Resource Optimization
Complete Consolidation
Management Simplification
Acquisition Cost Reduction

Comparison of Virtualization Solutions:

VM6 Manage Cloud Platform Key Technology Differentiators:
Eliminates the need for a SAN
Eliminates the need for network upgrade
Integrates with Windows Active Directory (AD) but has no dependencies on both AD or DNS
No performance trade-off
Highly Scalable Remote Management and Monitoring Capabilities
Clustering solution that do not require Windows Enterprise Edition

Need a simple and cost effective High Availability solution.
High performance virtualization can greatly benefit an IT infrastructure, however, in the event of a failure, it may also put you at risk. If one physical component on a virtual server platform fails, it could result in the unavailability of virtual machines and servers. With Active-Active clustering, VM6 Manage Cloud Platform can provide 99.9% uptime, creating a complete High Availability solution in virtual, physical or mixed environments.

Reached the maximum capacity of my server closet.
VM6 Manage Cloud Platform can help you optimize your existing hardware to increase your storage capacity. By leveraging Microsoft Windows and Hyper-V, VM6 Manage Cloud Platform can create a virtual environment in a matter of minutes, reducing the number of physical servers required in your infrastructure and saving you money and space.

Virtualizing for the first time.
Virtualization is still new, and some organizations have had to change technologies, staff, behaviors and processes to accommodate its implementation. VM6 Software has eliminated these complexities by incorporating virtual shared storage, advanced clustering (High Availability) and central management into one solution. VM6 Manage Cloud Platform can reduce your virtualization TCO by 70%. Best of all, a unique virtualization infrastructure can be created and implemented in less than 60 minutes.

Don’t want to spend more money to procure a physical SAN.
Is the cost of procuring a physical SAN keeping you from realizing the full potential of virtualization? VM6 Manage Cloud Platform can help you maximize your existing hardware to increase your storage capacity and create a Virtual SAN. It does this by using the internal disks from servers you already own, reducing costs and taking advantage of existing storage.

VM6 Manage Cloud Platform provides to MSPs a new solution that help differentiates themselves from their competitors
Managed Service Providers (MSP) need the right tools and core infrastructure to take advantage of new revenue-generating service offerings. You need to create a managed IT environment where leading technology resources and proactive management are available to your customers at all times. Most importantly, you need to be able to assure your customers that their IT needs are in the hands of professionals who will help them capitalize on the top tools and IT expertise in the industry. There are four ways to increase revenue and profitability for MSPs: attract new customers; launch new services; upgrade existing customers to a new service level; and reduce churn through customer loyalty. VM6 Software leverages the huge market share of Microsoft Windows products to create an environment where MSPs can carve out a competitive advantage by offering the best Windows based virtualization to their customers. By taking advantage of virtualization and combining shared storage, advance clustering, management and monitoring in one software package, VM6 Manage Cloud Platform is the best low cost and simple virtualization solution for MSPs to offer their customers.


Build a robust infrastructure at the lowest cost possible: With VM6 Manage Cloud Platform, administrators can build enterprise class IT infrastructures that are reliable and low cost. Active-active clustering maximizes hardware resource utilization without the need for complex and expensive SAN.

Reduce CAPEX: Drastically reduce the barrier to adoption of your services by lowering the initial Capital investment required by your customers.

Increase Profitability: Provide a single, easy to use platform to monitor and manage your virtual servers, desktops, storage and cluster, reducing your operation cost and increasing your profitability.

Increase Competitive Advantage: Remain the trusted advisor for your customers by proposing innovative and differentiated solutions from competitors.

Accelerate responsiveness to client demands and responding to customer requests by automating actions with respect to business available resources, priorities and SLAs: VM6 Manage Cloud Platform comes with an easy to use provisioning wizard and command line. System administrators can locally or remotely provision new services, virtual severs or desktops and virtual SAN. New business critical application can be deployed or upgraded within minutes instead of week or months.

Manage business demands and quickly respond to IT infrastructure growth needs: VM6 Manage Cloud Platform has a built-in quota management system that allows system administrators to do storage thin-provisioning and enable growth based on demand.

Exceed Service Level Agreements without adding cost and complexity: Achieve Windows high availability using your existing IT team, hardware infrastructure all from a single vendor in an all-in-one product.

Find the expertise to help manage a critical IT infrastructure: VM6 Manage Cloud Platform management and administration requires no more than a regular MCSC skill set. MCSC expertise certification is the cheapest and most widely available.

Apply segregation of duties and administration delegation are fundamental needs for MSPs and outsourcing providers: VM6 Manage Cloud Platform has built-in security that allows admins to apply user rights and set administrative delegation. MSPs and outsourcing customers would be able to manage their portion of the cloud.

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Microsoft Hyper V Virtualization and Storage Product | VM6 Private Cloud Platform

Unlike other management tools, VM6 Manage Cloud Platform is installed on top of Windows and does not require any complex hardware, network or storage setup, delivering simple, enterprise-class virtualization functionality at a friendly price. To take advantage of new revenue-generating service offerings, Managed Service Providers need to establish an efficient IT environment that continuously offers leading technological resources to customers.