Nucleus Enviro

By: Trainingoffice  09-12-2011

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Solution

To help you reach the objectives of the ISO 14001 Standard and maintain conformity, Nexio provides a turnkey environmental information management solution that includes the Nucleus Enviro package and related implementation consulting services, data migration to the new package, staff training and software hosting.

Implementing Nexio’s Nucleus Enviro solution allows you to transfer this field’s specialized knowledge and savoir-faire to the whole organization. Choosing Nucleus is an efficient, economical and cost-effective way to improve your environmental performance and reach your objectives.

Thanks to its Nucleus Enviro package, an exclusive, proven performance tool, Nexio helps its clients to implement systems that ensure flawless control of best practices. Key package capabilities include planning, implementation and monitoring of the ISO 14001 Standard.

Nucleus Enviro is built on a flexible, modular architecture featuring user-friendly functions based on a universal set. Nucleus integrates best practices and provides each user with the appropriate view in accordance with his activities, roles and responsibilities.

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