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By: Tour Monde  09-12-2011

1) To confirm a reservation, the client should after receipt of the contract, return the signed contract within 7 (seven) days, with a deposit equivalent to 25% (twenty five per cent) of the price of the trip. Non-receipt of the signed contract and deposit within that delay will constitute cancellation of the contract. The total amount of the trip is required 2 (two) weeks prior to the date of departure.
Should a reservation be requested between two weeks and one day prior to the date of departure, the client is required to return the signed contract together with the full amount due, on the date of receipt of the contract.

2) A detailed itinerary for the trip is required at least two weeks prior to departure. No claims for delays, error in re-routing or disregard for delays will be accepted in the instance of a confirmed itinerary.

3) Should there be any additional displacement or destinations other than those confirmed on the itinerary, additional charges will be added to the amount of the contract. For the late return of the bus, minimum of $100.00 for each hour of delay plus minimum of $3.50 for each additional mile will be invoiced to the client and be due and payable in addition to the original contractual price.

4) All charges for highways, bridges, ferries, parking, hotel rooms, gratuities and any additional imposed tolls are the responsibility of the client and must be paid.

5) The Bus Company cannot be held responsible for delays or costs (relating to the itinerary of the passengers) resulting from accidents, mechanical breakdowns, poor road conditions, snow storms, detours imposed by law, traffic congestion and all other conditions of act of god or fortuitous occurrences beyond the control of the Bus Company.

6) If any of the above conditions or act of god should occur, either from the point of departure to the point of disembarkation, or any other destinations, the Bus Company can at its discretion, cancel the trip. The Bus Company cannot be held responsible for damages or costs resulting to the client.

7) For cancellation of a reservation contract for a deluxe bus or minibus, the client can cancel before one month prior the date of departure at no charge. If the cancellation of the contract is confirmed less than 1 month prior departure, the total cost of the trip will be invoiced to the client (i.e 100 %).

8) For cancellation of a contract for a trip requiring a school bus, the client can cancel the trip seven days prior to the date of departure at no charge. For the cancellation of the confirmed trip done between seven days and one day prior to the date of departure, 35% (thirty five per cent) of the total amount of the trip will be invoiced and payable, taking into account that the minimum charge for cancellation is $75.00. If the cancellation of a confirmed trip is done the day of departure and before the vehicle left the depot, 50% (fifty per cent) of the total value of the trip will be invoiced and payable by the client, no refund if the bus has already left 8) .All claims must be served to the Bus Company within seven days following the termination of the trip by a written and detailed document outlining the reasons for the claim.

9) The Bus Company disclaims any responsibility for lost objects or forgotten personal belongings on the bus after termination of the trip.

10) The client will be responsible and must indemnify the Bus Company for the cost of repairs or any damages caused to the bus by one or several persons of the group.

11) Article 430 of the Highway Security Code prohibits any passenger traveling on the bus to consume any alcoholic beverages except for limousines and limobuses, whether while the bus is moving, stopped or on a public access or private access road open to public traffic.

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