Tican Metals -Titanium Sponge

By: Tican Metals  09-12-2011
Keywords: Titanium Metal

Titanium sponge is the first step to titanium metal products. Lightweight, strong, non-corrosive, durable, and bio-compatible titanium is ideal for a broad spectrum of technologies in a growing number of industries such as aerospace, industrial production, medical, automotives, and sporting equipment.


Using the Kroll Process, TiCan is preparing to convert raw material into titanium sponge. Improvements to the Kroll process have made it the most efficient and modern means of producing sponge in the industry today. TiCan has secured long-term access to the raw materials necessary for producing titanium sponge.


Through the Kroll process, TiCan expects sponge purity greater than 99.6%. High quality feedstocks and dependable energy from Hydro Quebec with a Six Sigma approach means TiCan is preparing to produce aerospace quality titanium sponge.

Environmental footprint

TiCan is firmly committed to ensuring that its operations are harmonized with the principles of sustainable development. Powering the Kroll Process with virtually carbon emission free hydroelectric energy from Hydro Quebec contributes to ensuring that TiCan’s titanium sponge has the smallest carbon footprint technology allows.

Keywords: Titanium Metal