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By: THE LIMU COMPANY, LLC  10-04-2015
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Introduce your body to a Fucoidan-rich core powerhouse of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that are wrapped in a flavorful blend of organic fruits! HARVESTED FROM PRISTINE WATERS OFF THE SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS OF TONGA • Tongan limu is the richest source of Fucoidan and is nutritionally superior to similar species found in other locations. • Soaks up literally every beneficial nutrient naturally found in the pure, unspoiled water. • No pollutants to contaminate the sea plant and collection areas. • Strictly controlled environment; no motorized boats allowed in the area. • Grows abundantly in this environment. HARVESTED WITH SUSTAINABILITY IN MIND; 100% ORGANIC • Trained Tongan natives are careful not to disturb its delicate structure. • It is kept in its natural state to preserve the nutrients the plant has absorbed over time in its dense aquatic habitat. • Plant quickly renews itself after harvesting, ensuring a continual supply. • Carefully cleaned to wash away sand and natural ocean debris. PROPRIETARY EXTRACTION PROCESS THAT SCIENTISTS TOOK 15 YEARS TO PERFECT • We own the exclusive worldwide rights to the formula. No one else has it or ever will. • The first people to research Fucoidan and begin development of converting Fucoidan into a super-low molecular weight for optimal absorption and easier digestion in the body. EXTRACTION IS OF THE WHOLE LIMU PLANT • In addition to Fucoidan, the other pure minerals, vitamins, amino acids, plus a variety of other nutrients contained in the plant are retained. • The additional nutrients are highly beneficial to your bodily functions. • Keeping the additional nutrients with the Fucoidan when extracted makes the nutrient (Fucoidan) naturally “turbo charged” for greater synergistic effect CHEMICAL FREE AND COLD PROCESSED • The Fucoidan present in our extract is naturally “predigested” without the use of chemicals, thereby eliminating the risk of harmful side effects. • Cold processing ensures the limu doesn’t lose any of its nutrients and retains its full potency. • The result is an abundance of Fucoidan with superior bioavailability and easy absorption. PROPRIETARY 10-STEP MANUFACTURING PROCESS • Manufactured within an FDA-inspected and GMP-certified facility to ensure premium quality. • Strictly controlled process and environment ensures a consistent, standardized finished product. • 100% final batch testing to guarantee against bacteria, contaminants, heavy metals and other harmful substances. PROCESSED IN NEW ZEALAND • Located in close proximity to the natural ocean source and harvesting in Tonga. • Scientists monitor every harvest, the transportation to the processing plant and perform the extraction process. • Continually check harvesting supply and conditions. • Short range transportation, thereby ensuring the extraction is done quickly after it is harvested. • Adheres to meticulous HACCP and NZFSA standards. FLASH-FROZEN AT 50 BELOW ZERO AND CONTINUALLY TRANSPORTED AND STORED IN REFRIGERATED CONTAINERS UNTIL PRODUCTION • Preserves its purity and nutritional potency. • Prevents spoilage.

Keywords: alternative medicine, Limu Original



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