TCG Rx Products

By: Tcgrx  09-12-2011


MedPickRx is the latest in modular pharmacy automation. Innovative light directed and barcode verified technology handles the filling process for 100% of your bottle formulary and approximately 92% of scripts. The guided high density storage matrix yields fill time reductions of up to 40% making your employees more efficient and accurate. Patient safety is further enhanced by scanning verification of the right drug and dose.

The MedPickRx order entry is accomplished by an Rx label scan or by utilizing an optional PhIS interface. Dual touchscreens provide users with perpetual inventory management detail down to bottle pill count and expiration date. Bottle lot numbers for control medications may also be entered and tracked in the system. Powerful inventory management decreases inventory carrying costs and increases inventory turns—because expiration dates are tracked automatically, MedPickRx nearly eliminates spoilage.

MedPickRx can be implemented with little disruption to your pharmacy and results in reduced inventory levels, improved efficiency and increased accuracy. Available standard configurations include a 2-bay high density unit (pictured), a 3-bay high density unit, and with workspace for two—a 3-bay workstation combined with a single bay high density storage unit.