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By: Tactio Software International  09-12-2011

Profound Expertise, Long Term Trust

Tactio team is a rare collection of genuine talent and experience. Indeed, we have a mix of expertise ranging from electrical, telecom and software engineering to web design, digital art and multimedia systems, all with a sophisticated yet direct and business focused approach to getting things done in a timely manner and within budgets. Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual work environment, our strong family values and business ethics, with our open minded way of seeing the world fosters the basis of a trustable, long term committed relationship with our clients.

Need an iPhone App for your customers?

Tactio can build this high quality for you very fast. How come? Because we have built the

. This is the common foundation of all our mobile apps. As such, we already have the functionalities you want, so we can deliver faster then anybody else, and the end result is a high quality app since the foundation code has been tested by so many users on so many apps. All we need to do with you is to discuss what functions you want to offer your customers. We will then provide you with a design for your approval and shortly after the real app will become available for you to touch, and for your customers to enjoy.

Doctors, Dentists & Optometrists Clinics

If you have medical clinics, dental clinics, orthodental clinics, optometrist clinics and want to use the basis of our Apps or the strenght of our talent and expertise to private label, customize or develop an App for the benefits of your customers, that blends in perfectly with our mission and we are very interested in providing you just that, with the simplicity that such a relationship deserves.

Retail Pharmacy Chains

If you have retail pharmacies and want to create a strong electronic link between your customers, your brand and your stores, you want to know that everyday your customer use your expertise, see your brand, order your products and stay connected to your databases through a secured web link, then the App you want is something we can private label for you and customize the way you need it.

Pharmaceuticals & Lifescience Manufacturer

You have products for which generic is the strongest competition and want to ensure compliance? Then how about using the power of an iPhone app to increase compliance and make sure your customers take the right product at the right time and in the right quantity. Get in touch with us and let's talk business, the App you want may be closer to reality then you think.

Wellness Spas & Gyms

Your natural products, health, nutrition and wellness stores, gyms, spas and other retail outlets for which you would like to distinguish your brand from the competition and keep a strong link with your customers by offering them an exclusive App with a secured web connection to your databases, services, professionals and products, then this App private labeling, customizing or development is right in our mission and yes, we are very interested to discuss and build this great App for you.

Restaurant Chains and Supermarkets

Whether you have a chain of restaurants or supermarkets, you want to offer your customers with the best experience, and part of that is all about nutrition. So why not provide them with a store locator, fidelity card and so forth, but also add a wellness angle to your iPhone app with nutrition advice, how to order or purchase at your stores to enhance their well-being. We can supply this app for the benefit of your customers in just a few short weeks.

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