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By: Tactio Software International  09-12-2011

Rx Vigilance

Software package on drugs and disease in mobile version - a reference tool for health care professionals that features information on drugs and health - can now be accessed from anywhere. Visit the App Store to download your version.

Access to the application and monthly updates, for a period of one year, is included in the cost.

After installation, the application resides entirely on the device and does not require an Internet connection for regular use. An Internet access is required for updates.

Already used by thousands of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other health care professionals across Canada, Rx Vigilance provides you with relevant and up to date information from several dozen leading reference sources. Drug monographs, pharmacological profile analysis, and information on natural products and travel destinations are among some of the many features you can now access through your device.

Professional monographs

  • cross allergies
  • kinetics
  • adverse effects
  • indications
  • interactions
  • precautions
  • dosage strengths available

Rx Vigilance is much more than prescription drug monographs. In fact, you can consult product monographs for over the counter products, natural products, dressings and certain drugs that are not yet marketed in Canada.

Comparative charts by pharmacological class

This section is where users will find a series of charts comparing the characteristics of products from the same class in order to help them make the best therapeutic decision based on onset of action or the number of administrations a day.

Antibiotic therapy guide

This guide provides a long list of infections (bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic), along with treatments of choice. A search for treatment can also be initiated by pathogen.

Pediatric dosages

Dosages for the most commonly used drugs in pediatrics are listed as a function of weight. Doses are given in mg and ml and are calculated based on the average recommended dose. Quantities required to complete treatment for each product are also indicated.

Therapeutic guide

Detailed description of treatments by pathology. Each sheet describes the therapeutic objectives and the different treatment options for adults and children, as well as the required doses and a price comparison chart. In addition to the treatment options recognized by Health Canada, the therapeutic guide also includes all those mentioned in the literature.

Drug database

Provides access to information on drugs. For example, coverage by provincial insurance, content of commercial products, legal status of drugs, product information by DIN, etc.

Personalized phone book

Tool that enables clinicians to quickly and effectively access relevant contact information (hospitals, CLSC, support groups, self-help groups, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.). In addition to the contact details already in the phone book, users can personalize their phone books by adding contact details for resource people and organizations they regularly call on.

Various professional calculators

A range of professional calculators that help provide quick and accurate answers: corrected serum calcium, volume needed to dilute a product, creatinine clearance, body area and much more.

Professional documentation

In this section, users will find a wide range of documents including therapeutic guidelines and guides, protocols and treatment consensus, the palliative care guide and the antiretroviral therapy guide for Quebec. This section allows you to access important documents without having to save a hard copy or launching an online search. In this section, you will also find several RAMQ forms for exception patients and exception drugs programs, among others.

Formulations for magistral preparations

If you are looking for a magistral preparation, this is where you will find it. In addition to being able to search through the numerous magistral preparations by title or main ingredient, you can also adjust quantities based on the total desired volume.

Monthly information bulletin

Every month, a bulletin is published, informing users of any changes to Rx Vigilance.

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