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By: Superclick  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wired And Wireless

SIMS caters both to continually growing customer demands for an enhanced wired and wireless broadband experience and brand or property owner’s requirements to cost effectively deliver competitive Internet amenities and IP-based services while generating additional sources of revenue.

Additionally, SIMS monitors the availability and functionality of all network equipment on property (including switches, servers, and wireless access points) using the SNMP protocol. SIMS makes it possible to have detailed or summary views of the status of your IP network, providing you with reports on a per-component basis (e.g., switch status, WAP status, system status etc).

The SIMS Intelligent HSIA solution integrated platform seamlessly provides the following tools within one network gateway device:

• Multi-Tiered Bandwidth and Flexible Billing

• Wireless / Wired Conference Generation Wizard

• Dynamic Traffic Shaping

• Multi-Homing of ISP Circuits

• 802.1x MAB support

• IP Edge Device management

• Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) support

• Detailed reporting of Online Users

• Full IP Network visibility

• Alarm modules with Workflow systems integration

• Wide range of PMS integrations

  • Easy to learn. Easy to use.  - One integrated, consistent and secure web-based interface eases the learning curve.

  • Multi-tiered Bandwidth and Flexible Billing – Delivers the ability to have multiple seamless upgrade options of bandwidth connectivity for the guest, free and charged with full Integration to PMS and accounting systems. Fully integrated and automated within SIMS with no guest interaction with property staff of Support Services required.

  • Wireless / Wired Conference Generation Wizard – Bring conference services and all the revenues in-house. Efficiently have conference sales staff enable conference wired ports and select where to broadcast a wireless personalized conference SSID on a predetermined schedule. To complete the turn key experience generate a personalized guest log-in experience using the customer’s company logo.

  • Multi-homing of ISP Circuits - utilize Multi-homing to maintain higher availability access for inbound traffic. In turn, our load balancing and bandwidth management for outbound traffic creates more efficient bandwidth usage. SIMS monitoring and Multi-homing capabilities manage the most efficient path for different types of IP data traffic based on the status of each link and the capacity of the Internet circuit connection, allowing for integrated management of multiple cost-effective Internet circuits to assure that critical traffic is allocated the necessary bandwidth.

  • Traffic Shaping delivers the ability to mitigate HSIA network saturation and optimize network performance for guests. Provides burstable access to available bandwidth while maintaining a consistent level of optimized access to all guests.

  • Increase End User Satisfaction and GSS - SIMS increases network reliability and network availability. Increase your Guest Satisfaction Scores for one of the most critical guest amenities. Without changing any settings on a visitor’s computer, i.e. IP address, DNS server, SMTP address or any other configuration information, SIMS will grant efficient network and Internet access to guests through automatic registration and authentication via your PMS.

  • Increased Security - with our Dynamic VLAN assignment, when any device is connected to the network, SIMS automatically routes the device to the correct VLAN. No more need to statically assign ports to specific VLANs, just think of the time and money this can save. Also, as visitors, vendors, etc. need access to the internet, these devices are automatically routed to a landing page where they mustaccept your terms and conditions for access to your public network, while restricting their access and further increasing the security of your network.

Keywords: Wired And Wireless

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There have been several times that Nicholas has resolved my needs such as logo change, ordering desktop modules, and port problems. Intercontinental Los Angeles I wanted to take the time to email you both and say how much I appreciate your support team's help. Nicholas has helped me to better understand the SIMS module and assisting in my guests needs. Doan has been very instrumental in the success of our Vocera.