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i went to a local tea and coffee store the other day an i picked up to Rooibos’s. the first one is a lemon grass rooibos and this is great for this spring season. its got a strong citrus taste to it  sweet orange comes through, which must be the two flavors coming together, but the lemon grass has a separate taste which is more zesty. its nice warn or cold as rooibos usually is. i like this one and will defiantly pick more up soon. i picked up the tea at The Canister

106 Osborne Street
Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Y5
(204) 474-0407

when i signed up for adagio.com they gave you the ability to fill in when your birthday is and then they would give you a tea for it one of there zodiac tea selection. so my birthday being today i thought i might as well share my Pisces tea with you all (the review that is).

Pisces people love music and poetry and frequently daydream. Why not daydream and have a nice cup of tea? A blend of Rooibos, Orange and just a touch of Chamomile. 


now one would think rooibos and chamomile that’s an odd combination and that is what i said when i read the review, but is actually a good pairing. the chamomiles heavy almost caramel taste mellows the fruity blast from. this gives is a candy taste like a natural candy its got a hint of those flavoured honeys that you can get from the farmers markets. you can’t really taste any of the orange it must just meld with the rooibos to much or that it is just over powered. this is also a good tea for the cold season its jam backed with vitamins so it’ll keep you healthy.


4oz tin    $10 USD CAD

Black tea from Sri Lanka. In colonial times, this island-nation was known as Ceylon. This name is still used to describe all teas grown here. Ceylon tea is bright and lively, with a wonderfully delicate flavor. Our ‘Ceylon Sonata’ is the finest grade tea from the renowned Kenilworth estate, located in Sri Lanka’s Kandy region. The perfect afternoon tea.


this is a nice black tea not to strong but with a good flavour, you can add to it and there wont be any clash with the taste, on the second brewing it gives off a beautiful fruity taste, i would say its apricot and its great. i don’t even like apricot, but its more like apricot syrup then dried apricot.

price: 80z tin $12 CAD or USD

Fullyloadedtea says:

Know the expression “cool as a Cucumber”? In this premium white tea, refreshing Cucumber coolness is brought to a whole new level. Its aromatic melon mojo combines with the subtle sweetness of Carrot for a truly light, clean taste. Delicate white tea leaves, picked in the spring just before they open, mingle with Cucumber and Carrot for a unique blend that will put you under its spell.

it rings in at:

  • Net Weight: 0.74 oz | 21g
  • Quantity: 14 Pyramid Bags 
  • $7.99 CAD & USA

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