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The Kiosque is the first tea shop i have been to in Montrea. Its pretty small and very stylized. Very minimalist with white walls and wooden laminate tables. They have a nice selection of teas in all the major catigories. They can make any of their teas cold or as lattes. Asian infused baking wuth green tea.
I got a pai ma tan which was a nice white tea and was very good iced. Prices werent bad with a large being about 2.50. They sell the loose tea and an assortment of tea wear. Even a togo cup that had a cord that could be plugged into a car lighter outlet. The place was only about 100 to 150 sq feet. Great staff that were very helpful.

1428 rue Mackay montreal, Quebec H3G 1R3

a davids tea opened up in winnipeg a couple of months ago so i though it was high time to check it out. they opened up in Polo Park shopping center with a slick minalalist design asthetics. with a tea wall behind the cash registers. and product shelves on the rest of the walls. its a small store but it makes use of its space well.

store front

they have brewt type infusers, and ice tea makers, and even a drink making kit for tea infuses liquor. while i dont like it as much as Cornelia Bean this is a great location and a good introduction to tea. i also like how the tea comes in little tin containers, that you can bring back to reuse. this is the first davids tea in manitoba and they originally started online. it looks like tea is really taking off these days. at present this puts the number of tea stores up to three in Winnipeg.

give me 5min ill report back

Russian earl grey from Cornelia Bean. is a strong dark tea with flecks of lemon and and what looks like lemon grass, in it dry the tea has a herbal spice rack smell. this would be a morning tea because it sure hits you and could do with some milk. the tea has a couple of infusions in it which is always a better bang for your buck. you can smell the lemon as it steeps which counters the strong taste of the earl grey. but this does just make the tea sharper. so in close its a nice morning tea probably with a touch of milk as you go to work, but good none the less. unfortunately i checked the website and it looks like they don’t sell this anymore, I’ve had this tea for a while oops.

Cooking with Tea

Cooking with tea is an ancient practice as well as a contemporary style. Teas are used in marinades, braising liquid, rubs, flavoring and garnish.

The following recipes are adapted from Eat Tea by Joanna Pruess with John Harney (The Lyons Press 2001):

Lapsang Souchong Gravlax

Scandinavian gravlax is cured with salt, sugar and dill Smoky tea leaves and Chinese five-spice powder make an Asian version.

1 1/2 cups coarsely chopped cilantro

1 1/2 pounds fresh salmon fillet, cut into 2 equal pieces

2 tablespoons coarse salt

1 1/2 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon lapsang souchong tea leaves, lightly crumbled

1 1/2 teaspoons Chinese five-spice powder

1 tablespoon mirin (sweet rice wine)

Lime juice, to drizzle on gravlax (optional)

Sprinkle about one third of the cilantro in the bottom of a deep glass or other nonreactive dish large enough to hold the salmon flat. Lay 1 fillet, skin side down, in the dish.

Combine the salt, sugar, tea and Chinese five-spice powder and sprinkle over the fish. Cover with another third of the cilantro. Drizzle with the mirin and place the remaining salmon, skin side up, over the first fillet. Scatter with the remaining cilantro. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and place a plate or dish with two 8- to 12-ounce cans on it to weight it evenly.

Refrigerate for 48 to 72 hours, turning and basting ever 12 hours, until the flesh no longer appears translucent. Once cured, remove the fish from the dish, scrape off the cilantro and spice mixture and pat dry. Thinly slice the salmon on the diagonal, working from the tip of the tail. Drizzle with a little lime juice, if desired.

Serves at least 6 for hors d’ouevres

The Canister is a nice little tea and coffee store that i have recently discovered in my neighborhood. it’s a cozy little place that sells a selection of tea and coffee ware some nice some bordering on tacky, and they also have a selection of specialty chocolates. they have fresh roast coffees and a couple of fair trade ones. along the back wall is their tea selection. they seem to mostly have chai’s and black along with allot of herbals not as many green though i think i saw one and there were no oolong. they also had some tisane and some blossoms. the nice thing is the prices are pretty reasonable for the amount you get. the owner is quite a nice man a really helpful this is a place that i’ll come back to.

106 Osborne Street
Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Y5

(204) 474-0407‎

I thought I should also give a little bit of background on what matcha is so you know what you’re drinking. Matcha is a Japanese preparation of the carnellia sisensis plant by grinding the whole leaf, which is different from other types; this gives it the most caffeine out of all the teas. The tea is ground and the more finally it is ground the higher the grade is Tencha grade is the only grade that can be considered matcha all others are just considered pulverized. It can take up to an hour to grind 30 grams of the leaves so matcha is usually more expensive then other teas. It is produced in Japan in the Uji region of Kyoto, the Nishio region of Aichi along with Shizuoka and Kyushu. The plants used are shade grown and are covered with blankets two weeks before picking to protect them from any direct light. Matcha also has some of the highest antioxidant count out there with 70 times that of orange juice (fresh I assume) and many times that of green tea. Hoped you learned something about matcha and go out and try some of those domo blends there just great and one glass and your fine for the whole day it doesn’t make you all jittery like coffee.

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This is a nice black tea not to strong but with a good flavour, you can add to it and there wont be any clash with the taste, on the second brewing it gives off a beautiful fruity taste, i would say its apricot and its great. Its got a strong citrus taste to it sweet orange comes through, which must be the two flavors coming together, but the lemon grass has a separate taste which is more zesty.


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The include all eight varieties from their old batch and the new batch. Mr. Tea tea sets on etsy, check them out they look pretty slick. Check out this great little review on boing boing.


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Matcha is a Japanese preparation of the carnellia sisensis plant by grinding the whole leaf, which is different from other types; this gives it the most caffeine out of all the teas. The tea is ground and the more finally it is ground the higher the grade is Tencha grade is the only grade that can be considered matcha all others are just considered pulverized.


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The bigger issue is that kenya has reported that there is a lessening in rain fall in its tea growing regions west of the Rift Kericho, Buret, Gucha, Nyamira, Kisii and Sotik, The report indicates that the crop is low and is expected to decline further in the east and west of the Rift while Nandi is showing slight improvement.


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Well i made the ginger tea in my zarafina, and its turned out pretty good, though the first try was pretty weak because i used the herbal setting but i used the black tea setting gave much more flavour. Bundle up the first seven ingredients in a length of cheese cloth and tie it together with a string. So heres how it went the ingredients were: cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, and black tea. It’s called Tea Story… and i dont know anything about it.