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check out this great little review on boing boing. this looks like a great camping companion that won’t take up as much room as your Brewt

Mr. Tea tea sets on etsy, check them out they look pretty slick.

Note: the seller is away on vacation as of April. 19th

i think i wanna get into more into pu-erh and i think this would be the perfect way to get into it

Twettle: the tweeting kettle

Here a story i found on it’s a kettle that is connected to twitter that will tweet about the tea its made and energy saved. i dont think id want this but, its just a interesting article. check it out.

i want i want i want! it just looks so slick and cool, it has a timer so you can wake up to a perfect cup of your favourite tea. it can make up to six cups i think so thats better then other tea makers too.

Perfect Steeper by Eight Cranes

has put out another tea selection with the whole gang has created their own personal blends through adagio’s signature blends. The include all eight varieties from their old batch and the new batch. And now they are 20% off.
The collection includes:
Red death rooibos (Kevin), Tea bag of holiday goodness (Alex), White monkey Sinensis (Prager), Green times so simple so good (Hippie Glen), Mintastic (Kevin), Executus (Alex), Love child (Hippie Glen), White ginger (Kevin), Man behind the green curtain (Prager).
They all come in the 4oz sampler tins and cost $19.00 (regular $24.00). But if you have a shipment of $50.00 or more shipping is free (if your in the contiguous United States rats!)

elegant designed teapot

Capacity: 11 oz, just enough for two cups of tea.
Dimensions: 8″L x 6″H x 5″W
Price: $200 (USD) brushed ($250 CAD)
$250 (USD) mirror polished ($312 CAD)

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Keywords: Tea

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This is a nice black tea not to strong but with a good flavour, you can add to it and there wont be any clash with the taste, on the second brewing it gives off a beautiful fruity taste, i would say its apricot and its great. Its got a strong citrus taste to it sweet orange comes through, which must be the two flavors coming together, but the lemon grass has a separate taste which is more zesty.


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Sprinkle about one third of the cilantro in the bottom of a deep glass or other nonreactive dish large enough to hold the salmon flat. Asian infused baking wuth green tea.I got a pai ma tan which was a nice white tea and was very good iced. The Canister is a nice little tea and coffee store that i have recently discovered in my neighborhood. Drizzle with the mirin and place the remaining salmon, skin side up, over the first fillet.


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Matcha is a Japanese preparation of the carnellia sisensis plant by grinding the whole leaf, which is different from other types; this gives it the most caffeine out of all the teas. The tea is ground and the more finally it is ground the higher the grade is Tencha grade is the only grade that can be considered matcha all others are just considered pulverized.


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The bigger issue is that kenya has reported that there is a lessening in rain fall in its tea growing regions west of the Rift Kericho, Buret, Gucha, Nyamira, Kisii and Sotik, The report indicates that the crop is low and is expected to decline further in the east and west of the Rift while Nandi is showing slight improvement.


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Well i made the ginger tea in my zarafina, and its turned out pretty good, though the first try was pretty weak because i used the herbal setting but i used the black tea setting gave much more flavour. Bundle up the first seven ingredients in a length of cheese cloth and tie it together with a string. So heres how it went the ingredients were: cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, and black tea. It’s called Tea Story… and i dont know anything about it.