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By: Steeped Times  09-12-2011
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So I am going to go off back packing in eastern Canada for the next four weeks. Quebec, Ontario and maybe Nova Scotia. I want to check out some tea shops along the way so post your favourite tea spots in the comment section.

With all the comments and questions i’ve been getting i thought it was high time for a update. I got in contact with one of owners and this is what I have so far. it will be a mix between cafe and retail, food and tea will be served. they will have over 100 varieties of tea, including fruity and aged teas. they also have a special bubble tea! ( i’m not a bubble tea fan it’s those little balls and almost choking on one once). they also “delicious waffle sandwich, fresh fruit dessert waffle and many other surprise snacks”. sounds like they have some interesting furniture and design that i’m excited to see as well. can’t wait for these guys to open, and I will let you guys know when i have a firm date or any new information.

Twettle: the tweeting kettle

Here a story i found on it’s a kettle that is connected to twitter that will tweet about the tea its made and energy saved. i dont think id want this but, its just a interesting article. check it out.

here is a video from new tang dynasty TV. about the state of India’s tea industry, and what they are doing to protect it.

In the wake of the recalls of Chinese food products and the deaths that have happened china has started to finally address the problem and to beef up there export laws in regards to food at least, one of the main areas they are tackling is tea as of 2008 tea companies must register there tea base at the source (the fields they are grown) they must collect soil samples and product samples, along with water testing and the farmer must submit some very detailed credentials like pesticides used and fertilizer types and these must all pass the standards set by the government. All this is submitted to the Quarantine Bureau and Chinese Customs. The company must have its own Chinese Trading License or go through a Chinese trading company. This is true for all products exported from China. Most foreign companies cant obtain these licenses so the go trough a Chinese trading company but these are pretty sketchy and aren’t very reliable, and more often then not the company loses total control of the tea to the Chinese company. The new laws also do apply to the trading companies that the tea companies go through so all parties will be held to the same high standards.

during the week of febuary 14 a total of 5,239,078 million kilograms of tea was sold at auction in Mombasa, at an average of USD $2.48 the total amount at auction was 7,070,326 kilograms of tea compared to 6,955,676.80 kilograms for the same period last year. Kenya led in the amount tea 5,149,235.80 kilograms out of which 3,758,915.50 was sold at USD $2.61 per unit. the reports indicate that there was less demand for the tea with 28.39 per cent remaining unsold.  

the bigger issue is that kenya has reported that there is a lessening in rain fall in its tea growing regions  west of the Rift Kericho, Buret, Gucha, Nyamira, Kisii and Sotik, The report indicates that the crop is low and is expected to decline further in the east and west of the Rift while Nandi is showing slight improvement. this is a worry is this climate change in action what will this mean for the tea trade with conflict in the region and lax agricultural practices, and a slumping global economy what will happen with the African tea trade

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Keywords: Tea

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This is a nice black tea not to strong but with a good flavour, you can add to it and there wont be any clash with the taste, on the second brewing it gives off a beautiful fruity taste, i would say its apricot and its great. Its got a strong citrus taste to it sweet orange comes through, which must be the two flavors coming together, but the lemon grass has a separate taste which is more zesty.


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The include all eight varieties from their old batch and the new batch. Mr. Tea tea sets on etsy, check them out they look pretty slick. Check out this great little review on boing boing.


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Sprinkle about one third of the cilantro in the bottom of a deep glass or other nonreactive dish large enough to hold the salmon flat. Asian infused baking wuth green tea.I got a pai ma tan which was a nice white tea and was very good iced. The Canister is a nice little tea and coffee store that i have recently discovered in my neighborhood. Drizzle with the mirin and place the remaining salmon, skin side up, over the first fillet.


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Matcha is a Japanese preparation of the carnellia sisensis plant by grinding the whole leaf, which is different from other types; this gives it the most caffeine out of all the teas. The tea is ground and the more finally it is ground the higher the grade is Tencha grade is the only grade that can be considered matcha all others are just considered pulverized.


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Well i made the ginger tea in my zarafina, and its turned out pretty good, though the first try was pretty weak because i used the herbal setting but i used the black tea setting gave much more flavour. Bundle up the first seven ingredients in a length of cheese cloth and tie it together with a string. So heres how it went the ingredients were: cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, and black tea. It’s called Tea Story… and i dont know anything about it.