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By: Sportstape  09-12-2011
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A successful project starts with good preparation.

It is exciting to see how paint can transform a room! But prior to opening the first paint can, it is critical to properly prepare the surfaces you will paint. Many paint projects end in frustration and disappointment simply due to a lack of adequate surface preparation.

We invite you to visit a very interesting section of Sico’s website which talks about surface preparation. Simply click on the Sico logo below and you will find a “Virtual Advisor” that will show you what you need to do to prepare your surfaces. Just identify which surfaces you will be working with and carefully follow the advice offered.

Which tape to use?

Each masking tape has specific characteristics and adhesion properties suited to specific uses. Using the correct tape will ensure that your project will be a success. And since Masking tape is a small part of your painting costs, it is well worth using the one that will give you the best results:

PAINTPRO®, 7DAYPRO® (available in USA only) and/or EDGEPRO®:
For use in achieving sharp lines and when the tape has to be left in place for a short period (up to seven days) on a delicate or semi-delicate surface like wall paper, natural or finished wood, freshly dry paint, painted gypsum, floors and carpets
For use on brick, cement or any porous and non delicate surface.
For use on flat surfaces such as aluminum, PVC, vinyl, glass and/or if the tape is exposed to UV rays for a long period (more than 10 days) indoors or outdoors.
Perfect for short duration (maximum 24 hrs) on non delicate surfaces and/or to join polyethylene sheets.

How to apply the tape

Masking tape is "pressure-sensitive". To ensure good contact with the surface, it is necessary to apply pressure to the entire stripe of the tape. If the pressure is not sufficient, the tape adhesive will not stick in its entirety and may fall from the surface (and paint may run under it).

How to properly remove the tape

Removing tape without removing paint can be a delicate operation and some simple precautions are needed. Here are some tricks to remove the tape properly and without any damage:

For crisp and sharp paint edges

It is important to understand that "flat" surfaces may not be as flat as they appear. In fact, most surfaces have imperfections that no masking tape can properly adhere to.

Note: When you apply the tape on a base coat, use matte varnish to seal the holes. When the tape is applied on a paint colour you should use the same colour as the colour under the tape to seal the holes.

This technique works with all types of masking tape, but for optimum results we recommend EdgePro® tape. If you are creating curved forms, we recommend PaintPro® tape (7DayPro® in the US).

Mask the border

Borders, wood trims and door or window frames usually exceed a width of 48mm (2in) width, which makes them difficult to cover with masking tape.

That’s why we created PaintPro® Mask tape! Combining PaintPro® tape (7DayPro® in the US) with waterproof masking paper that unfolds to 6 inches, PaintPro® Mask is simple, practical and easy to use.

How to create stripes of colour

Nothing works better than EdgePro® tape to create stripes of colour! This tape is made of very thin and flat paper that considerably reduces accumulation of paint on the border of the tape. Even more important, the paper is rigid so it won’t stretch when applied in long strip. EdgePro® helps create clean and precise fine lines and stripes.

Be creative! Use different EdgePro® tape widths to create your stripes of colours. For instance, use a layer of 72mm tape combined with a 24mm tape stripe to create a larger stripe of colour. Make sure both tape stripes slightly overlap.

Creating curved lines and borders

Create crisp curves and nice round lines using 6mm and 24mm width of PaintPro® tape (7DayPro® in the US).

How to create designs with masking tape

Create patterns using the thin and easy-to-form 6mm PaintPro®* tape to create your design. Then widen the protection by applying 24mm PaintPro®* tape on top of the 6mm tape to further mask the surface and protect it from the paint. Here are the steps used to create the tree shown on the image on the left.

The mural and the artist

Isabelle created and painted this mural as per our request to showcase her expertise in the creation of "faux finis" using various Cantech masking tapes. This site guides you on the proper use of the masking tape and provides interesting advices and tips for the success of your project.Isabelle was assisted by Stéphane Page.

The mural and its colours

Isabelle has chosen Sico Supreme, Eggshell Super Latex Acrylic for all colours. Here is the description of all shades and their location on the mural:

Interior Latex Primer and Undercoater 240-125

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