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By: Smartmedia Group  09-12-2011

5 Ways to Develop Meaningful LinkedIn Connections

Are you on LinkedIn?  Did you setup an account there years ago but rarely leverage your contacts?  Perhaps you’re a LinkedIn regular, but you want to take your your efforts to the next level?
This article will reveal five ways you can build meaningful relationships on LinkedIn that will lead to business opportunities.
Is LinkedIn Not Working [..]

Why Social Media Gaming Is Big Business for Your Business

Social gaming is barely 3 years old, and already companies such as Zynga are reportedly earning $500,000.00 per day! And your brand can benefit from this hot market.
“OK, I’m impressed. Now what is social gaming exactly and where do I play?”
At first blush, social games aren’t too different from traditional online gaming. Both types focus [..]

Flock Beta Builds Social Browsing into Chrome [Downloads]

Windows: We’re familiar with Flock as the browser that bakes social networking tools into Firefox. A new beta uses Chrome as the base browser, and as you might expect, it’s a lighter, thinner browser, …

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The difference between the millions of LOLcats that nobody cares about and the LOLcats that end up being in your Facebook stream every 15 minutes are that the ones that get shared answer the clear action, which is share me; what is the purpose, this is a LOLcat; and what is the value, this is the funniest LOLcat that I've seen all day.