By: Siprolab Telecom  09-12-2011

VoiceAge is proud to offer optimized codec solutions for both standard and proprietary codecs.

Drawing on our expertise in speech and audio coding, we have implemented numerous custom designs, for example, low-complexity codecs, Windows RTC adaptor, RTP monitoring, and conference talker-selector. What's more, we offer cross-platform solutions as well as codecs that can be adapted for a particular environment and respond to specific requirements for quality, performance, and complexity.

  • All our DSP standard implementations have been tested with test vectors provided by the related standards body.

  • We provide support for multi-channel and multi-threading environments.

  • We can offer additional modules, for example, VAD, CNG, packet loss concealment extensions and variable frame duration playout.

For more details on any product or for inquiries about codec implementations on other platforms, please contact us at:

or +1-514-737-4940

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