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By: Shepherds Watch  09-12-2011

Our Saturn sundials are the only ones we make and sell that are not based on an older design. We admit it.. They're a bit clunky, they're a bit more fun, but they do have their eccentric charm. They look like something Buck Rogers might wear, or something a character in an H.G. Wells novel might use. They are Steampunk (also check out our Nocturnal stardials and other models for more Steampunk). And we'll even admit they're not as accurate as our other sundial models, although they do really work.
They're available with a center stone that comes in three colors: Red, black and blue.

Educational Note:

Saturn is the second largest planet and was the most distant planet known to the ancients. It is also one of the most beautiful sites in the Solar System: even if we know now that the rings of Saturn are not unique, they are spectacular and much more elaborate than those of any other planets. The term planet originally meant “wanderer”. In these times, people could observe 7 lights wander, changing position with respect to the background stars. Saturn was one of the 7 wanderers.

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Saturn Sundial Pendant - Shepherd's Watch

Made of pewter, set off nicely with a red, black or blue glass stone. The dial will naturally incline to an angle of about 45 degrees. All Saturn sundials are shipped with complete instructions. Turn the dial until the number XII is pointing north. Add one hour for daylight savings time. Place the dial on a flat surface.


Sundial necklaces in silver, pewter

Eleanor of Aquitaine gave a similar sundial to King Henry II to remind him when it was time to leave the hunt and join her for one of their love trysts. Crafted of pewter and brass and available in several design motifs, these bold sundial replicas use a unique "Bead of Light" to tell time. Henry had a copy of the dial made for Eleanor and had it inlaid with diamonds and engraved with the words Carpe Diem.


Explorer Sundial Pendants - Shepherd's Watch

The Explorer was particularly popular with explorers and ship captains as it takes into account the latitude as well as the angle of the sun to give a more accurate reading. This "equinoctial" model originally derived from the "armillary", a fixed spherical device that was used to teach basic astronomy. Can be custom ordered in mixed silver and gold, and gold in 10, 14, or 18 or 22 karats.


Sundial Rings

Choose from several different inscriptions and designs, including our promise ring, which is engraved with the words "Together Forever" in Latin. Hold the ring directly toward the sun so that the sun shines straight through the small hole in the side of the ring. They use the same basic "bead-of-light" technology as our best-selling Aquitaine sundial pendants. Please note that 14 days must be added to the usual shipping time.


Stardial Nocturnal Pendants - Shepherd's Watch

They work so well because they are based on the North Star, which is almost directly on the axis of the earth's tilt and always appears in the same position in the sky. Move the top of the dial's arm to align with the uppermost stars of the Big Dipper, and read the time on the inner dial where the arm crosses the hour mark.


Compasses - Shepherd's Watch

In the most famous Odyssey of them all, brave Ulysses faced many dangers – the giant one-eyes Cyclops; the seductive but deadly Sirens; and the switch-goddess Circe, who turned half of Ulysses' men into swine after feeding them wine and cheese. Not all of us have to face as many obstacles as Ulysses, but we can all use some help finding our way. Together with one of our sundials, you'll be a master of time AND space, with no need for batteries.