SCIREQ Products : flexiVent

By: Scireq  09-12-2011
Keywords: Data Analysis, Data Acquisition

SCIREQ Products : flexiVent

Features & Functionality

  • Integrated, rugged, fully encapsulated modular design
  • Synchronized embedded user interface with color display
  • Completely quiet operation
  • Automatic, computerized PEEP control
  • Continuous recording of waveforms & vital signs
  • Measurements in parallel subjects (spring 2012)


  • The flexiVent was redesigned from the ground up in 2010 to meet a long list of goals ranging from increasing accuracy and reliability to improving practicality and ease of use. The resulting design appeals not only by its unique, bold look, but also by its ability to efficiently reproduce the results you need. Its designed to work in your lab.

Form & Function

  • To assist with the development of the flexiVent FX, the SCIREQ team was joined by a renowned industrial designer to design a product that is optimally suited for the realities of laboratory research

  • The resulting package is not only attractively shaped but easily fits onto a standard laboratory workbench such that an entire small animal setup occupies less than two by two feet (50x50cm) of bench surface.

  • The front panel and and color screen are angled to permit easy visibility for both upright and seated operators. A transparent window permits easy visualization of the piston movement while protecting the precision cylinder.


  • The flexiVent is a modular device that is easily configured to work with a wide range of subjects. The system automatically recognizes modules and accessories and configures itself accordingly. All components are fully encapsulated for protection and quiet operation.

flexiWare 7

  • The flexiVent is designed with experimental efficiency in mind. The system is controlled entirely from our flexiWare 7 study management and experimental control software. flexiWare offers extensive data analysis and validation, permits continuous data acquisition and offers modules to integrate study planning, experimentation and reporting.

Computer-Controlled Piston Pump

  • The flexiVent is a versatile and precise programmable ventilator for laboratory animals.

  • With improved piston positioning accuracy and a completely redesigned valve configuration, the flexiVent FX is not only completely quiet, but also enables enhanced control of the expiratory waveform, permitting a wider range of ventilator modes and features.

  • Automatic PEEP control is available as an alternative to the traditional water trap.

  • The pressure, volume and flow waveforms as well as any additional channels for vital signs monitoring are continuously recorded to maintain a seamless record of the subject throughout the experimentation session.

Unparalleled Accuracy

  • The flexiVent FX can be integrated with the Aeroneb ultrasonic nebulizer in order to efficiently deliver bronchoreactive agents and drugs deep into the lungs. The tight integration between precise aerosol delivery and accurate, quantitative assessment of the corresponding response is one of the flexiVent FX's key benefits.

  • The flexiVent FX can synchronize the aerosol production with different parts of the ventilation cycle while controlling the rate at which the Aeroneb produces aerosols reducing rain-out in the tubing, which is critical when working with animals as small as mice.

  • Recent studies indicate that the detailed parameters of an aerosol challenge can have a profound impact on the site and dynamics of the resulting response. The flexiVent FX offers complete control over the timing of the challenge, the nebulization rate and the manner in which aerosolization is synchronized with ventilation.

  • With the flexiVent FX, the nebulizer is mounted directly onto the unit. Coupled with our innovative, uniquely shaped adapters, compressible volume in the ventilator compartment is minimized to an unprecedented degree, providing unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Interchangeable Modules

  • The flexiVent FX's cylinder and valves are mounted on interchangeable modules, so the system can be easily adapted for different animal sizes

  • The flexiVent FX offers a more compact, tightly integrated module mounting. The flow pathways within the flexiVent FX have been optimized to further reduce flow resistance and losses due to gas compression. All components are fully encapsulated for protection and quiet operation.

  • The flexiVent FX offers six modules permitting the measurement of in-vivo respiratory mechanics in subjects ranging from mice to primates.

Keywords: Data Acquisition, Data Analysis

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