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By: Roy Semple  09-12-2011
Keywords: Shopping Cart, Business Development

The following services cover requirements related to improving revenues through Marketing and Sales initiatives. In practice, specific activities within the different service areas are combined to accommodate the needs of a particular company.  Click your selection to read detail.

Design and develop website, e-commerce components, and e-marketing to leverage the internet as a critical vehicle for sales and marketing:

► Turn-Key websites - all design and promotional collateral professionally written and executed, including special hosting and domain management plans if required. For e-commerce components, products are uploaded with multiple pricing options and are managed through an intuitive web interface.

Targeted development services:

► Develop brand/product awareness through crisp promotional messaging and collateral.

► Increase qualified lead generation through online forms and campaigns.

► Develop rapid lead response systems to capitalize on customer inquiries.

► Reach new customers through targeted e-mail campaigns and web search engine optimization strategies.

► Create a new online sales channel supporting product/service details, shopping cart and partner/distribution transactions.

► Attract and retain customers through online customer service and support components.

Identify and capitalize on potential growth opportunities related to current and new products in: current markets and new markets.

► Identify and prioritize any and all new business development opportunities in target markets and quantify the potential value of these opportunities.

► Establish requirements and identify any barriers to entry, including those related to external factors as well as company capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

► Identify strategies, tactics and actions to successfully enter the target markets.

► Establish a course of action for success: execution strategies, tactics and actions to successfully enter the target markets.

► Execute business development strategies by creating or overseeing the creation of Marketing and Sales initiatives, including positioning materials, promotional campaigns, web strategy, hiring of personnel, key account sales, sales training, channel development, and OEM partnerships.

Knowing your market - Actual case:

"Software sales were down. So, we broke the software into several niche market pieces. We then landed the biggest contracts in company history by selling to competitors and manufacturers."

Develop and execute product launch plan to maximizeawareness, credibilityand revenue for company products and services. 

► Investigate and identify target markets, key features, competitive positioning and channel strategy for the launch plan.  

► Produce media/market communication strategy, clear customer value proposition, web-site strategy, and collateral and messaging provided to the sales channels.

► Deliver project plan, timeline and budget requirement and provide realistic ROI analysis, including recommended priorities.


Knowing your market - Actual case:

"While launching a new service to technology buyers, we changedone word in our e-mail campaign and doubledthe response rate. Needless to say, we added that word to all of our collateral."

Redesign existing marketing strategy to position and support entry into new markets.

► Revise or augment marketing plan to accommodate new markets based on the perceived strengths/value of products and services.

► Position products to attract target companies and develop messaging to resonate with target decision-makers.

► Provide report on target markets, including competitor analysis, positioning for maximum impact, channels recommendations, and strategic partner identification.

► Create Partner development strategy and manage initiation of any 3rd-party relationships.

► Produce tactical marketing plan including budgeting and timing.


Knowing your market - Actual case:

"Consultants didn't want to buy our methodology, they wanted to use their own.Once we re-positioned to support their approach, our sales exploded."

Design sales strategy and planning for product line and/or services to increase corporate revenues, maximize sales and marketing productivity.

► Provide gap analysis by assessing current company growth, customers, products, services and sales process against defined business goals. 

► Design and integrate a modern sales process to improve sales productivity, including a customized, comprehensive set of tools and job aids that orchestrate controlled sales.

► Profile ideal sales representatives, develop strategies to recruit these individuals and design training curriculum.  Provide an assessment of current staff against these criteria and determine staffing strategy to meet business goals. 

► Design a CRM strategy to enhance sales, cross-selling, up-selling and customer retention.  Map any telesales processes; establish performance tracking, reporting and feedback systems; and define how data will be tracked or mined. 

► Develop lead generation, qualification criteria and processes to move target accounts through the sales cycle. 

► Assess current marketing initiatives and ensure consistency with sales strategy and business goals.


Knowing your market - Actual case:

"The decision-makers wouldn't give us a meeting, but they would sign up for our nation-wide "Experts Tour", at their location, discussing their requirements - need I say more?"

Keywords: Business Development, Shopping Cart